Jim Hickey
Jim Hickey has been a freelance writer, journalist and teacher for the past 20 years. He has news credits with Free Speech Radio News, National Radio Project, Pacifica Radio, WRFG/Atlanta, and many others. Most recently, his work has appeared on Justmeans.com and examiner.com. He has also lent his pen to non-profits and to educating capable history, English, and test prep students.  He has investigated history and current events since his undergraduate days at Harvard; in graduate school he examined Southern working class and progressive perspectives, research that has led him to his journalistic calling: to cover history as it unfolds.   Jim is a practitioner of 'depth textuality,' narrative that allows for rounded views of the complex and multifaceted realities around us.  Too often, the mediation of the world that currently takes place misses huge, or at least significant, aspects of the stories that surround us, from which part of our job as humans is to learn and find guidance for how to deal with the exigencies of existence. He looks at life, whether it is evolving in his local Tucker environs, or in the world at large, using such a lens.
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