Livsey Elementary Principal Leaving School

Dr. Melanie Castelle will be the new principal at Coralwood.

Parents of children at Livsey Elementary in Tucker received a surprise letter Thursday announcing that principal Melanie Castelle is leaving the school this week to take a position at Coralwood School and Diagnostic Center in Decatur.

The letter was written by Cynthia Brixton, Region II Superintendent, informing parents of the change and letting them know that they could call her at 678-676-1105 with any questions.

"Because Dr. Castelle has a very strong special education background, she has been reassigned to Coralwood as principal beginning Monday," parent Michelle Penkava told Patch.   

"They have been looking for a principal there, and Dr. Castelle has extensive background with special needs children, so she will be a great fit," according to another parent, who wishes to remain anonymous. "She was the administrator at the School for the Deaf before she came to Livsey."

Her replacement at Livsey, at least temporarily, is Dr. Jamie Wilson,* an educator with 21 years of experience who is currently interim principal at nearby Pleasantdale Elementary School. He has been filling in since the start of the year while principal Terri Brown took a maternity leave.

Brixton's letter said that Dr. Wilson's goal is to make sure all operations run as scheduled, "and that the transition between principals is a smooth one."

During her time at Livsey, Castelle mounted a vigorous and successfull campaign to squash a move by then Superintendent Ramona Tyson to shut the school down as part of a redistricting and consolidation plan.

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*Not to be confused with Jamey Wilson of Cofer Brothers and OTTMA fame!


Jamey Wilson September 28, 2012 at 05:31 PM
I think he should have to change his name.
Joey Freshwater September 30, 2012 at 02:08 AM
While Dr. Castelle has done much for Livsey School, your final paragraph should be edited to read: "the Parents and invested stakeholders in the DeKalb County School District mounted a vigorous and successful campaign to squash a move, by then Superintendent, Ramona Tyson to shut the school down as part of a redistricting and consolidation plan." While we will miss Dr. Castelle's contribution's to our children's education, the parents and invested stakeholders in Dekalb County School District will remain steadfast in keeping quality schools, like Livsey, open.
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