An Open Letter to Coach Franklin Stephens

Staff at Midvale Elementary show their appreciation after a visit from the Tigers last week.

Winning the state Football Championship is awesome but today at we saw true champions when football team. We have had five of your seniors, Gabe, Justin, Terrell, Robert and Brenden coming to the school each Thursday morning to mentor some of our little boys. The impact on the little boys will make a difference for the rest of their lives.

This afternoon, those players brought the other players, some cheerleaders, and Tuc the Tiger to Midvale. They came with a play in mind. Four of the little boys are members of the same family that has some real needs. The players brought gifts that they knew the little boys would love. We could tell this when the players were helping them put the toys together. There were tears in their mother's eyes as she watched.

A parent, Ms. Rivers, accompanied by Ms. Landry, Ms. Brown, Ms. LaCroix, Ms. Campbell, Ms. Jones, Ms. Brewer and Mr. Griggs and some others, brought the young men and women. We saw one of the reasons that these young men are so giving. Today is the birthday of the boys' mom. A comment was made as people were talking and it was discovered that she did not have a coat. Ms. Landry went out to her car and brought the mother a very nice coat and scarf. What a blessing!   

Midvale is so appreciative of the example that you provide and the expectations that you have for your players. As you lead, they will follow and it appears that you are leading in the way they need to go. Again, Coach, thank you so much for all you do!

Susan Wilson, Kia Billingsley and Adrienne Griffin
Midvale Elementarry School

Alan Simpson December 19, 2011 at 11:44 PM
Having observed from the sidelines (figuratively and literally) since July, I can say the Tucker High football program is representing this community very well. As we come to expect less and less from professional and even collegiate athletes these days, the Tucker Tigers exemplify what student-athletes should be. It speaks volumes about Coach Stephens and these players' parents.


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