What is the Best Plan for Redistricting DeKalb County?

Several options for redistricting have been presented by the DeKalb delegation for redistricting the new reduced school board. Tell us your thoughts.

At his most recent town hall meeting, State Rep. Mike Jacobs called redistricting one of the most important issues facing the General Assembly this session. 

In 2011 the General Assembly passed a bill to shrink the DeKalb School Board board from nine to seven members. In addition to this process, the districts must also be reapportioned every ten years based on the most recent census information. 

The DeKalb House Delegation was expected to deliver new district maps for the Board of Education and the DeKalb Commission by mid-February, but has so far failed to come to a consensus. Jacobs said now Sen. Fran Millar was reviewing the maps and working with the commission to offer a recommendation.

Keeping in mind that the majority of property taxes fund the school system, how do you think the lines should be drawn? Do you agree with any of the maps?

Click on the photo gallery to view them all.


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