MARTA Fare Increases Start Nov. 11

Fare changes part of scheduled three-year phase in.

As part of the Fiscal Year 2013 Budget, the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority's scheduled fare increase for Reduced Fare and Mobility fare products on take effect on Sunday, Nov. 11, 2012.

The change was part of the previously announced three-year phased increases MARTA adopted for those fare types products during the Fiscal Year 2010 budgetary cycle. The phase-in was planned to mitigate the financial impact on the budgets of seniors and those with disabilities.

The reduced fare and Mobility fare changes are as follows:

Fare Type


New Fare: 11.11.12

Reduced (Half-Fare)



Mobility Base (One-Way)



Mobility Pass



The FY 2013 budget also included a “steady state” level of current bus and rail services while increasing Mobility services by approximately nine percent, MARTA said. That budget also includes increasing safety and security measures and repair projects.

For more information, reduced fare customers may call 404.848.5112. Information also is available in an accessible format by calling 404.848.5202 or 404.848.5665 for TTY customers.

What do you think about the fare increases? How will they affect you? Tell us below in the comments.

Kaye Richardson November 09, 2012 at 03:41 PM
I understand the need for additional increases for revenue, but tell me why does the service continue to decline: slower buses, less runs, more crowded buses on some routes because of less buses on the run, and my favorite -- rude and totally unconcerned drivers. They follow the rules when it serves them, but otherwise they just ignore passengers. Most drivers don't even try to keep the seats up front for seniors and disabled. I'm 66 and have had to stand because of people younger than my grandchildren taking over the front. One driver had the audacity to tell people to make room for some baby-mama's with strollers in the front.


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