Local Gun Owner Reacts to Obama Proposals

Assault rifles should not be banned, private investigator says.

Fong Dong, a customer of Tucker Gun, owns four handguns, a shotgun, and a rifle. So does he object to the proposals President Obama unveiled on Wednesday? Well, yes and no.

"With great power comes great responsibility," Dong told Patch outside the store this afternoon. "I know I'm quoting Spiderman, but it's true."

Dong, who worked for CBS Atlanta and is now a private investigator, said he is not a member of the NRA because he does not believe in everything they do. "But I am a bit of a collector. I'm interested in weapons for historical reasons. Gunpowder, cannon, all that," he said. He likes to shoot targets, but does not hunt.

Assault rifles should not be banned, Dong believes, because a high capacity handgun can be just as deadly. "Firearms are like any other tool, but much more dangerous. In the proper hands, they're safe and useful." He thinks there has been an over-reaction to the Newtown shootings in terms of changing laws, "but I'm not opposed to an increase in background checks." 

A first generation Chinese immigrant, Dong has lived in the United States since 1965 and learned to shoot in high school at the age of 15. His advice for people is to research the subject of gun control thoroughly before expressing themselves. "Many are so one-sided you can't talk to them. They should know what they're talking about." 

"When people ask me about what can kind of gun they should buy, I always try to find out why they want one," he said. "The main question is, can you take a human life and live with yourself? Even if you had to shoot someone for the right reasons, in self-defense or whatever, if you can't live with yourself afterwards, you should not have one."

Jose Ayala, a manager at Las Colinas in Tucker, was asked if he had a gun. "I've never had a reason to own one," he said. "If I did, I'd shoot myself in the foot." 

What do you think about this gun owner's opinions, and about Obama's proposals?



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