Lakeside City Alliance to Meet with Northlake Community Thursday

The Lakeside city movement's leadership will go before the Northlake Community Alliance's board of trustees.

Northlake residents and business owners curious about how a proposed city of Lakeside would affect them will have a shot to hear firsthand Thursday.

The Lakeside City Alliance, which is investigating the creation of the newest municipality in northern DeKalb County, will go before the Northlake Community Alliance's board of trustees during their meeting in the One DeKalb Resource Center at Northlake Mall at 7:30 p.m., according to an email the community alliance sent out to members this week.

From the email:

I have invited our friend and NCA adviser, Kevin Levitas and Mary Kay Woodworth, Chairman of the recently formed City of Lakeside Alliance. They will talk with us about this committee's effort to form the new city and its impact on the Northlake Community. This will affect most of us and the NCA organization itself if the city is created. This is not an effort to sell you on the idea, but it is meant to give you first hand knowledge of the effort so that we can pass on info to our respective communities and local businesses.

Tom Doolittle February 22, 2013 at 02:27 AM
This is a very good sign. The Alliance leaders should honor any request to meet membership organizations with a verifiable history of community activism--business, commercial property owners (in the absence of CIDs), govt and academic institutions also. In fact, there may organizations that the Alliance should meet proactively. My experience helping organize the Northlake Community Alliance showed me that it is not legitimate to wait for or expect non-residential interests to attend community meetings. They don't even access the same news outlets, contacts and networks residents do. I'd say at least Tucker Civic Association since some members are in the proposed Lakeside boundariies--the Tucker Business Association has members along I-285 and in the industrial areas in Northlake. The Tucker zip code is half of the Northlake business core. Lakeside Alliance will have plenty of time to do this since it has committed to take the time necessary to fully explore city-making and the options to forming a city.


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