Woman Robbed at Gunpoint

A neighbor writes about a hold-up Wednesday in Tucker.

By Sue Locktov

Last night, we had our first major crime (assault with a deadly weapon) in our neighborhood.

A woman was assaulted by gunpoint when getting out of her car in the driveway in front of a unit on Leeshire Way.

The perpetrator was a Hispanic man who demanded her purse while pointing a gun at her, then he ran to his vehicle and got away. The police were called. This is all I know, but I'm hoping we can obtain additional information. 

We all need to be super vigilant at all times in our neighborhood.  Long gone are the days of feeling secure! If you park in a garage, it's best to pull in, turn off the car and close the garage doors before exiting your vehicle. If you don't have a garage, before you get out of your car, you should look all around to make sure no one is hanging around your unit or carport before exiting your vehicle. 

If you see an unfamiliar car on your street close to your house, call someone before getting out of your car. We all have cell phones and this is an extra precaution to have someone look out their window to see if someone gets out of an unfamiliar car and heads toward you. If you have any other ideas to keep us safe, please share them! 

Patch will have the police report on this incident later today-
Joy January 09, 2014 at 12:22 PM
Thank you Sue. I've responded to your e-mailed notice to our subdivision neighbors with a few suggestions which may be of interest. For readers of THE PATCH I will copy them here: *On your way home (before parking), place your wallet into console of car, glove compartment, or under the seat. *If* (heaven forbid) you should be approached, the perp gets your purse full of Kleenex and pens but NOT your wallet, which you will retrieve from car after he has fled. The joke's on him. *Same with guys: Keep an empty old wallet on seat (put some old business cards or a couple dollars in there), when approached hand it over. PERP doesn't know it's NOT your real one. *Empty your wallet of credit cards you only use rarely. Keep just your ATM/debit card and/or 1 major credit card in wallet; leave the rest at home. NEVER carry checks or checkbook; thief can forge checks easily and wipe you out! *When I drive I usually place my purse on floor of backseat. You can hardly see it back there. I just might grab an old purse from the closet, put some junk in there and leave it on the FRONT seat. Perp would assume that's my purse, I'd hand it over and he'd get whatever junk I put in there. You KNOW he's not gonna take time to go through the purse until he's made his 'getaway.' By then I'm home calling the cops. *Last but not least, DON'T give them a place to "hide." I walk my dogs around our streets and see our properties more closely than those who get into car and drive away. I notice large plantings (fountain grass 6 feet high) and/or outdoor decor where a person could easily hide until someone drives up. Take a closer look at the size of your plantings, etc., and see if they present a criminal's "hiding place!" I'm thankful victim was not hurt and Sorry our 'peace' has been broken! Joy J.
Kevin Madigan (Editor) January 09, 2014 at 12:51 PM
Very helpful. Thanks, Joy.
Cat Lover January 09, 2014 at 02:48 PM
Sue, Thank you for the notification. I'll pass the word around the cul-d-sac and inform everyone to be extra careful!! Please keep us posted on any further developments!!
Lou January 14, 2014 at 09:43 PM
Mr. Sheppard, the article says "gunpoint." What do you want the neighbors to do--get shot? Not smart to argue with a gun. The best thing for your neighbors to do is call 911 immediately and take mental notes about the situation.


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