Woman Threatens Another with Gun in Jealousy Dispute

An early morning fight between two women gets out of hand.

A lovers' quarrel at a Tucker apartment that included a gun and a knife ended without bloodshed after police intervened, according to an incident report.

The altercation happened in the early hours of Feb. 24 on Preston Lake Drive when one of the women confronted the other about ending their relationship.

A neighbor who heard the sound of "someone possibly fighting in the apartment next door" called 911. On arrival, police found the two women in the parking lot, one of whom held a semi-automatic pistol. She was disarmed by an officer.

The report stated: "The parties had been seeing (other) people... They tried to talk it out but got upset." The argument escalated over some of their possessions, including phones, shoes, and a jacket. One produced a gun and the other a knife, threatening each other. 

Officer D.M. Jias said he observed "no visible injuries" and that there were discrepancies in both parties' stories. "There was insufficient probable cause to make an arrest at this time."


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