Report: High School Kids Skipped Class, Robbed Houses

Half a dozen boys from Tucker High School are said to have been busted for burglary.

Reports are coming in regarding Tucker High School students who have allegedly been burglarizing houses when they should have been in class.

Sources say at least six boys skipped class on several occasions in recent weeks and broke into nearby houses, stealing multiple items and then stashing them in Cofer Park.

One of the boys confessed to his parents, and they then turned him into local police. The boy provided investigators with the names of his accomplices, according to a neighborhood resident.

THS Principal James Jackson told Patch he hadn't yet spoken to police about the alleged incidents and could not give any more details at this time.

An email to the DeKalb County Police Department's spokesperson was not immediately returned.

Patch is following up on this story and will have more information as soon as it is available.

Jane Doe December 01, 2012 at 12:15 AM
The THS administration was notified by phone about these kids being in the neighborhood yards weeks before the burglaries and they did NOTHING to monitor students leaving school grounds. Following the burglaries the superintendant was notified about the chaos at THS and no phone call was returned. This is a moral issue, but it is also a problem that relates to the quality of teaching that fails to inspire students to graduate and earn a living in a legal manner. There is no reason a neighborhood should be terrorized by students when the police and school were given a clear heads up that the neighborhood was in peril in advance of the crimes.
Carolyn December 01, 2012 at 02:04 AM
Janey. I sit & read your posts in disbelief at how you cast judgements & aspersions. I have most definitely had my concerns, & even to date, but I make my voice heard. I handle the situations. BTW, 29 kids would be dreaming. 37 is the allowable in a collaborative & 39 in mainstream. It is Georgia law, not THS., so if you wish to bash anything, bash the GA BOE. Do you think most parents wouldnt love more personalized attention ? Well guess what ? Both me & my husband are disabled, & I do eat rice & beans or what I have to sometimes just so my kids will have what they need for school activities. I nor my husband can do "whatever to keep our children out of this "oh so horrible" place you call THS. We do all that we can to get up each day. We have however empowered our children on how to make good choices, how to pick friends, how to recognize toublle, what to do if you see it, how to be a friend, how to invite someone to church, how 2 go 2 an admin. w/info.n, how to come to us & the like, & since you quote the free/reduced rate being so high, & the correlation w/the thug factor - I guess the kids in Africa are thugs 2 ? I get your line of thinking. I think your children wont b ready 4 the real world & your thinking is jaded. You clump an entire place in 1 mold - yes, I'm not thrilled, but I have a voice and I use it to fet things done to help, not further damage. But thanks anyway. When you're ready 2 pay 4 my 8th & 9th 2 go 2 private, call.
Carolyn December 01, 2012 at 02:12 AM
Furthermore, if you didnt notice, the parent turned the child in. Perhaps the parent works ???? Or is that no longer noble, to support your family...would it be more noble to sit on one's bum and "collect" a check. I bet you would have a field day with that. I find from reading your posts as other readers, that your mind is made up + if not, better said , closed. How one person could be so venemous is beyond me. Again, I'm not an advocate for a lot of the broken parts, but I do refuse to allow an entire school of 1800+ kids be cast as baf just because of SOME students, and if you do your homework, you find out that there are many educated students that come from THS. How about the AP and IB program. What say you ? That was rhetorical. Dont bother. These posts were more for me and the others who are thinking the same things. Reply if you wish. I dont anticipate a change in view, I'm posting for our well being.
Kay Mangrum December 01, 2012 at 04:55 AM
How did you obtain this information?That the administration and the supe were informed?
John Doe December 01, 2012 at 05:43 AM
Kay, we obtained this information because we personally called both the high school and the superintendent prior to the home break-ins when we not only saw the kids in the woods but also began finding stolen property from other students in our backyard. Also, I know for a fact that the principal was aware of the crimes because, as a victim of this group, the detective handling my case told me that has spoken to THS.
RB December 01, 2012 at 12:57 PM
Lisa Carlysle December 01, 2012 at 03:12 PM
I realize the actions of a few can reflect on the many but please know that all the schools in DeKalb are shorthanded. It is not an excuse but a fact. Remember back in the days when the community helped raise everyone's kids. We really do not do that much anymore. It's sad that the good kids at THS are being clumped in with the few that are giving it a bad name. We need to come together as a community and determine a plan to make it better. We invite anyone to our board meetings the second Tuesday of every month at the school.
Carolyn December 01, 2012 at 06:18 PM
Yes Lisa...exactly. You would know my face in person. And let me remind people, Mr. Jackson is bound by gag laws as to what he can say and do. From personal experience, I know he does what he can. I do what I can. It is a frustrating situation but to believe others are all the same just isnt true. Every'one deserves a chance to learn. The world isnt fair, life isnt dair, but our obligations as parents and human beings is to help where we can and teach right from wrong.
Susan December 01, 2012 at 06:20 PM
@ Kay, what John and Jane Doe say is true. I, too, am a victim of 4 THS students who broke into my home while I was at work. They stole about $3000.00 worth of items. along with my, and my daughter's, peace of mind. I was additionally informed by the detective assigned to my case that several of these boys live in a "boys home" off of fellowship road. The ages of three of the boys who broke into my home are 14,15 and 16. The detective also told me that it was a pretty sure thing that the 16 yr old was going to jail (too many prior offenses) and that the other two are just shy of going themselves. I work very close to my home and come home for lunch every day. And EVERY day I see boys walking around the streets in the town of Tucker, and through the surrounding neighborhoods. I am just thankful that my daughter was not home from school that day, and that noone was hurt.
Carolyn December 01, 2012 at 06:53 PM
Hmmmm. Being a former foster parent, and an adoptive parent, you say that these boys live in a boys home. Is this fact or fiction ? If they are in a group home and have all this going on with skipping and burglaries, how about speaking with the courts or calling the juvenile system and asking to speaking to any parole officer and ask for them to pt ankle monitors on them ? Food for thought ! Act like a criminal, get treated like a criminal.
Susan December 01, 2012 at 07:15 PM
@ CArolyn: The detective is the one that told me some were in a boys home. The last I spoke with him, three were in custody and the fourth is with DFACS. I have no idea if they have since been released. I did have three stolen items returned to me. One is a laptop, that I cannot use because the power cord is missing, they reformatted it AND, ironically, put a new user name and password on it. The kid who did this is the one in DFACS custody, but the detective was going to try and find out the password for me - so far, nothing. **God Bless You for being a foster/adoptive parent**
John Doe December 01, 2012 at 07:20 PM
Susan, sorry to hear you were part of the victims list.We too, have a young daughter that was very traumatized to come home on a Friday afternoon to find our home, her sanctuary, completely ransacked. An incredible misfortune for all of us involved. Good luck and well wishes during this time of picking up the pieces, literally.
Susan December 01, 2012 at 07:31 PM
John, thank you for that. I wish the same for your family, as well. Items can be replaced - it's coming to terms with the feeling of being violated and the loss of all of the pictures and personal information that was on our computers - that cannot be replaced or restored. Alas, this too shall pass :-)
Watchful eye December 01, 2012 at 09:10 PM
Folks, be aware that most breakins are done by juveniles, whether they skip school or don't go at all. As a retired law enforcement officer, who worked in the juvenile court system, I can tell you what the basics are for sending a juvie to prison or as the juvie authorities call it, detention. Basically, if a juvie has a record of sorts which involves non dangerous felonies (breakins, shoplifting, car theft, etc) they are usually given probation because the courts believe in rehab. Most of the time, this doesn't work, but because the juvie prison system is as a rule small in size regarding space, this is usually the outcome. Furthermore, the case load that these caseworkers have is mine boggling. At the magical age of 17, is when the underage monster becomes an adult. The best rule of thumb is take photos of everything you own of value and store away in a safe or safe deposit box and keep a record of what it is worth. .One more thing, if you see a suspicious persons or persons in your neighborhood, the police immediately as this is what you are paying for. All we can do is hope for best and protect ourselves for the worst. Making sure that monsters are in school shouldn't be a priority of the school resource officers. Remember, the teacher counts heads at every class and the know who is skipping, not the parents.
Jane Doe December 01, 2012 at 09:12 PM
I called them. Multiple times.
Jane Doe December 01, 2012 at 09:21 PM
When we called the police to report the skipping/trespassing issue, they told us to call THS and the resource officer would handle it. However, we already knew a few months before that the Resource Office is out on disability from injuries caused by a fight at THS -- injuries caused by students. The school is out of control. Not all the students are out of control, but I can't imgaine that the other students and faculty feel safe either if they are attempting to learn and teach in a climate of this nature. The school told us to call the police. Understaffing in schools, DFCS, and/or law enforcement isn't a reason for lowering standards of practice. Everyone just keeps passing the buck.
Carolyn December 02, 2012 at 01:54 AM
@ Susan, et all: We stopped fostering, after 8 years and 45 children, in 2007. God knew what he was doing. It was then that I became disabled. I honest believe that part of it was due to the chronic stress I lived under - and want to know why ? I couldn't fix the irrevocable hurt and harm that was done to the pysche of one 8 1/2 yr. old girl that we adopted. We didn't "give back" as people would say, and be mortified by even the thought that someone could think in those terms, and the he** that we as a family lived through because of her internal he** became our nightmare. Did we teach her morals and values ? Absolutely. Did we do everything in our power to help her ? Absolutely. Unforunately, her past was her past, and I lived my life walking on egg shells waiting for the next bomb to drop, the next lie, the next theft (not at stores...from family members, the other three children's friends, TEACHER'S !!!!!, you name it). We were in therapy anywhere from 2 - 5 days/evenings a week. I had holes punches in my walls, I had to call the police on this child, I had the rest of my family in shambles, and me a nervous wreck. A she loved the attention. She had no empathy. She was never bonded with. How would you know ? There are places I won't go on this site.
Carolyn December 02, 2012 at 02:13 AM
So, therein is the making of your thug. A girl ? Yep. I spoke w/ my daughter that attends THS. She knows several of the students that were involved because they went to TMS. One of them is adopted out of foster care. The parents already knew it'd be an uphill battle. The leader ? A girl. How about that ? At least that's what my daughter says. She says the girl dresses like a guy. @ JANE DOE: To address the issue of the resource officer being injured: this isn't an everyday thing - much less often. You hear of that @ Stone Mountain & the like. Once again, grouping. There are over 1800 students @ THS & I bet you'd have find more people helping during that incident than involved. THS has a wonderful community full of loving & caring parents. On the occasion that I have problems w/ issues in the classroom or w/faculty, I make it known & I deal w/it. I've had 2 children w/special needs & I'm well versed in advocating for their needs. Conversely, for the school's needs too. I don't know how familiar you're w/what happened @ the first of the year, when the classes were grossly oversized (55 - 60 kids per class), but I had my child's classes straightened out within 1 week. Went straight to county, presented what I'd do, as she was protected by her I.E.P. (Individual Educational Plan, which guarantees Federally Protected rights as it's for her special needs). That in turn helped the rest of 9th grade. Instead of bemoaning the system, make it work :)
Carolyn December 02, 2012 at 06:13 AM
BTW, the child I was mentioning, eventually, after almost eight years, when she was a little over 15, I had to get out of home placement. Any birthparent would do the same. All of our safety was at stake, literally. I still support her, we still visit, but we can live in the same house together. It is volatile. Sad. She's 18 now, but emotionally about 8, educationally borderline MR, and a fragile angry streetwise girl who will never "get it." Unfortunately, her other birth siblings are the same way. There are some things that love can not fix, but you continue to love anyway. Once you have lived one side of the coin, it is easy to have tolerance for the masses - the group; they are not problematic: it is the simple and closed minded. Teach your children to complain and they become part of the problem; teach them how to solve problems, they find solutions and become part of the answer.
Carolyn December 02, 2012 at 06:13 AM
Oops, "can not live in the same house"
Susan December 02, 2012 at 05:07 PM
@ Carolyn - I feel and empathize with your situation. I have a brother who was in and out of the hospital for many years, with an undiagnosed conditon that caused physical pain that manifested itself with a lot of emotional and social issues - which will tend to happen when doctors tell you it's all in your head instead of admitting they do not know something. It resulted in many years of stress and anxiety for my entire family. We are lucky, things eventually got better as he learned to live with his condition. He was diagnosed with his disease (eurythmalgia) about 20 years ago by a resident at Columbia University in NYC. He was there for skin debrieding on his legs. Very rare overall, and rarer still in children. I am happy to say he is a productive member of society with his CPA and he is married. But he lives with his pain every day and refuses the only treatment for the pain, which is morphine. I am glad to hear that you are still in touch with this girl. At least you have done what you can for her.
Susan December 02, 2012 at 05:39 PM
@ Carolyn, with regard to THS and TMS: my daughter went to Livsey, and last year was her first year @ TMS. It was a horrible experience academically and socially. My daughter was in High Achievers, but it did not seem as if the other students were. She rarely had homework, and the little she had she managed to finish during the day in class. I was told by the curriculum prinicipal (prejean-harris) that they did not assign much homework at TMS because they realize that students have other activities outside of school. Really? School should come first. My daughter's science/math teacher had my daughter grading papers and assignments on a regular basis. My daughter was out of school sick for three days, once, and when she went back to school she graded papers for three days. 6 days of lost class time instruction. I went to the principal, to no avail. I asked that she be put in a different math class and was told no. I finally demanded that she be changed to a different 6th grade team - which she was.
Susan December 02, 2012 at 05:41 PM
Then there was a boy on that team that was sexually aggressive with some of the girls on the team. he followed my daughter around the library one day, trying to get her in the back where noone could see them. he was not successful, thankfully. Finally, my daughter and two other girls that were being harrassed by this boy reported him. I also forwarded to the 6th grade principal what he texted to my daughter. Very sexually graphic requests for what he would like to do to her, asking her for sexy pictures, etc. The administration reviewed video from the camera in the library - which supported her story. They couldn't do anything about the text messages because they were outside of school hours. But I had wanted him to see them as a point of reference. The boy was suspended for three days. When he returned to class, most of the students clapped to welcome him back.
Susan December 02, 2012 at 05:41 PM
It is true that most of the students are good kids. I know that middle schools are full of hormonal kids. I even realize that things are a bit different than when I was in school. I expected lots of cursing. What I did not expect were the very sexually explicit remarks that my daughter would have to hear and put up with. It's pervasive in TMS - eleven year old boys were saying and doing these things. The result is that becasue I have a very large and generous family, who was greatly disturbed by goings on, my daughter is now in private school. She is being challenged in her classes AND tested into the higher math level - which TMS refused to put her in. There is no more drama (except for the normal stuff), there is no more sexual harrasment, no more bullying. My daughter feels SAFE, where she didn't in TMS
Carolyn December 02, 2012 at 09:14 PM
Hi Susan. That is disturbing. I'm sorry you had that experience. We had an experience with a teacher that was very demeaning to some students (not my daughter). I even witnessed it after I had to come to school with my daughter in a wheelchair after she had been in a hospital. I changed her classes...mind you, I had three kids there prior and a few fosters, so they work with me. My daughter wasnt a "super" test taker when it came to standardized, but she does the work. They had separated her from her jormal group and I demanded she be put back in the high achiever gifted. It is said there isnt a division but there is. The class structure is: Gifted, Gifted with a few High Achiever, High Achiever with some high achieving general, and general. My daughter
Carolyn December 02, 2012 at 09:39 PM
My daughter has not had a harrassment problem in the classroom, however she did on the bus. A boy was dared to come up to her and imitate the boy masturbation method, and then they laughed. Her sister and the hoy's sister made him leave, but when she got home she came in and broke out crying uncontrollably. Needless to say I was furious and mortified. I called Dr. C., the Principal and they boy was called in the next morning, my daughter told her account to the counselor, wrote her statement and the orher witnesses did as well. He was suspended. Then here was a hearing at school that I attended withm dauhter, school officials, etc. My daughter had to say what happened. Relive. The other parent was also mortified and very apologetic. The thing I can say is that unfortunately with the internet kids.learn too much too early.
Carolyn December 02, 2012 at 09:44 PM
Then there was a hwaring at the county office, to determine if the child would be completely kicked out of Dekalb County Schools ! So, they do take it seriously. Unfortunately, they would not expel him from the bus, so from that day forward we began taking and picking up our daughters. I cant afford anything else, but they have learned and gotten stronger. The 9th grade student has learning needs that even if I could afford private I'd have to pay extra for.... So( at the end of the day, each person's experience is relative.
Susan December 03, 2012 at 12:17 AM
There was a hearing for the issue with my daughter and the other student as well. And yes, the girls - at separate times - had to tell their story in front of the administrators, the offending student and his mom. Very embarrasing for my daughter. And the student in question was not asked anything and just sat there and listened. There were no apologies and in short order he reverted to the same behaviour. I wished that I had had the time to be more effective, I did not want to have to move her (my taxes stil go to pay for schooling my daughter isn't utilizing), I wanted to be able to make things better - for her and all of the other students. But I didn't have the time or resources. I wish your kids the best of luck in school - thanks for sharing with me :-)
Carolyn December 03, 2012 at 01:49 AM
Same to you Susan. I only have the time (certainly not the energy) because we were fostering and doing in home day care, and then when we had to stop, at home due to disabilities. Chronic pain, as you know from your brother's experience, (which sounds horrific) is exacerbated by stress. Those issues didnt help, but we had no other options due to the economy. We also were struggling with the children not wanting to leave the area even before they reached middle school because they wanted to be with their friends. It was difficult, but even the children said to us that they were raised properly and they arent going to make the wrong choices. Do I want them exposed to certain things, or to have more of a chance ? Definately not, but we had to let them try. The good news is that if there is a problem, they tell adminstrators or me, so I can tell them.
Carolyn December 03, 2012 at 02:05 AM
On a different note, my eldest did want to leave TMS. She went there its first year. In 8th grade we applied for assistance and she started off at a private school, we'll just say a few miles up the road. I had heard many good things about the school. The education was excellent. I dont know if it was tougher or that it was harder and my daughter wasnt trying as much because where she was used to A's and B's she was making mainly C's and a B in Lit. , I think she had a D or two. It wasnt pretty and she had to have extra assistance. On top of that, there was an incident regarding some boys making a comment about blacks one day (ahout painting their faces and playing loud music and imitating them), and another time about Mexicans. My daughter that was going there is a beautiful Caucasian/Latina. I adopted 2 girls C/Latina and 2 girls black. Needless to say, my daughter wasnt happy. She went to her counselor and talked about. At the time what bothered me most was that we were told thar they were just kids. In retrospect, I dont want to even say this, but in both the incident at TMS and this school, you have young boys acting stupidly. Teach them. Stop it. Do not permit it. The thievery...that's an entirely different level. I'm glad you and your daughter are at a happy place now though.


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