'Suspicious Vehicle' Cruising Tucker Neighborhood

The occupants of a black Mitsubishi are causing concern among residents.

A black Mitsubishi was seen in the area of Idlewood Acres East yesterday, and the occupants were behaving strangely, according to residents.

"I don't have the license plate (yet) but a black Mitsubishi with two black guys in it has been cruising our neighborhood and they are up to no good," said a neighbor named Trudy in an email. She did not give her last name.

"They flew down the street going super fast out of the dead-end," she said, adding that the car had to slow down to avoid some children who were playing in the street.

"There is only one teen living at the end of Hideaway (Drive) where the car was spotted and they were not visiting the teen," said Drayton Woods resident Jan Mixon. "If you see this car and especially if it is speeding through our neighborhoods or doing anything else suspicious call 911 immediately."

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