Suspicious Man Seen in Tucker Neighborhood

A Drayton Woods neighbor reports on strange activity.

By Jan Mixon

This morning (Friday, Nov. 29) one of our neighbors saw a suspicious person come out of the woods at the corner of Idlewood Road and Sarr Parkway

He was pushing a bicycle and had a dark bag with him. He stopped and began to go through the bag as if he was not sure what was in it. As far as I know no one should be coming out of those woods and we certainly do not want any being in the woods if they have no business there. The woods can also be used as a cut through for some of the homes in Drayton Woods subdivision that back up to them. 

Our neighbor did call 911, but he's not sure if the police ever came. Hopefully they did. With the Christmas season approaching all of us should remain very alert to what is going on not only in our own subdivisions but in all of our surrounding neighborhoods up and down Idlewood Road!


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