Police: UGA Football Players Were 'Double-Dipping' By Cashing Stipend Checks Twice

Tray Matthews, Uriah LeMay, Jonathan Taylor and James DeLoach were all charged with misdemeanor theft by deception.

Four University of Georgia football players were arrested Monday night and charged with theft by deception for allegedly cashing or depositing regular student stipend checks twice.

Tray Matthews, Uriah LeMay, Jonathan Taylor and James DeLoach were all released on bond from the Clarke County jail late Monday night.

LeMay faces four counts, Matthews three counts and Taylor and DeLoach two counts each, according to jail records. All charges are misdemeanors.

University of Georgia police say 11 checks drawn from the UGA Athletic Association account were deposited or cashed twice. The AJC reported that three of the players deposited checks with their banking apps on their mobile devices, then cashing the checks at a convenience store. LeMay is accused of taking a roommate’s checks and cashing them a second time.

UGA Police Chief Jimmy Williamson told the Athens Banner-Herald the players were “basically double-dipping.”

LeMay posted a $6,000 bond, Matthews $4,500 and Taylor and DeLoach $3,000 each, according to jail records. All four players were released to Double O Bonding.

The alleged thefts, amounting to $786.50, were discovered and reported by the UGA Athletic Association.

Georgia’s spring football practice begins Tuesday. Coach Mark Richt said in a Tuesday morning statement, "I'm aware of the situation and it will be handled in an appropriate way."

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Matthews, expected to start at safety, is from Newnan, LeMay, a wide receiver, is from Matthews, N.C., and Taylor and DeLoach are defensive linemen who were teammates at Jenkins County High School.

Adriana March 19, 2014 at 05:52 PM
It's also curious that the UGA athletic department detected the "problem" not the bank! Whaaat?
LP. March 19, 2014 at 08:41 PM
To Doc's point about what the Coach earns and the students stipend...the Coach has a JOB. The students are "earning" an EDUCATION. Supposedly. The cost per year at UGA for an out of state non GA. resident off campus is: $40,274. I'll repeat the PER YEAR. They aren't getting 'nothing,' they are getting an educational opportunity, room, board, food & tutors because they need them. These criminals decided to take advantage of that opportunity like the thugs they have proved themselves to be. I hope they are expelled. I think they need to PAY BACK what was given to them ($40,274 per year) for what they chose to toss away.
Doc March 19, 2014 at 09:05 PM
LOL LOL From your comment I doubt if you have the education to even earn $30,000 a year, much less $3 mllion lol lol. One man earning $3 million a year in salary for coaching football in the NCAA or NFL is OUTRAGEOUS and INSANE!!!! The majority of those you referred to as criminals (euphemism for Blacks!!) are "student/athletes" with a 95% EMPHASIS on ATHLETE! They take these mostly low income kids out of their environment and put them in an environment of major colleges and expect them to survive on $75 stipend, when a good percentage of them come from homes where their parents can't afford to send them $75 a month. They are expected to partake in student life, and maybe go to the student union and buy a burger and fries for not less than $8-$10, not to mention the cost of a movie, or getting a new pair of jeans. What would be so wrong with providing each student athlete a decent stipend of $500 a month, from a program that brings in probably over $100,000,000 annually? Its these kids that are EARNING that $$$$$. Quit YOUR HYPOCRISY about earning an education!! Thats THE LAST THING that 90% of these kids will earn at UGA or any other major NCAA Division 1 institution, the last thing. They'll sooner earn a prison sentence before they learn anything academically. They earn the university over $100 million a year and generous you refer to some lousy $40,000 tuition fee that is not going to benefit most of these kids (research graduation rates for student/athletes). Whats pissin you off is that these Negroes are getting the $75 a week. Eat your heart out!! LOL LOL Go buy a UGA football or basketball ticket for $150 and enjoy the players!! Or, get rid of them and have your kid play!!! lol lol lol
"E Pluribus Unum" March 19, 2014 at 10:48 PM
Doc, in a word...exploitation.
Nathan Blair March 20, 2014 at 08:26 AM
When are we going to stop blaming the poor disadvantaged athletes? Let's lay the blame squarely where it belongs, at the feet of the parents that did not raise them properly, or the society that continues to allow such actions without recourse. Used to in the not too distant past, if a student used someone else's ideas, or copied printed material it was called plagiarism. Students used to be expelled for it, but today, they are given a smack on the hand, a lower grade in the course, maybe a failing grade for that class and being allowed to repeat the class. Unless we come down hard on the crime as it is committed and stop delaying consequences things of this nature will continue to be more and more prevalent in society. For the double dealing check thieves, oh, I know, lets make them politicians.


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