FBI Investigating Local Man for Sex Crimes

Donald Perkins is charged with kidnapping, raping and prostituting young women.

Donald Lashawn Perkins. Credit: Flint, MI Police Dept.
Donald Lashawn Perkins. Credit: Flint, MI Police Dept.
DeKalb Police have been asked to help the Federal Bureau of Investigation in a case involving a man accused of multiple sex crimes. 

Donald Lashawn Perkins, 27, is being "actively investigated" by FBI agents from a field office in Flint, Michigan, according to Officer J.C. Senter at DeKalb Police Headquarters in Tucker. Perkins lived in DeKalb County and may have committed crimes here, the FBI said. 

"They wanted to know if we ever had any criminal investigation on him or if we ever had any contact with him," Senter wrote in a report. "They would like any additional information we might have on this subject." 

MLive.com reported Perkins was arrested in Flint in July 2013 on charges of human trafficking, unlawful imprisonment, and criminal sexual conduct, plus ten other counts. Law enforcement officials allege Perkins took two 17-year-old girls as hostages and forced them to commit sex acts. A third woman, a young mother, was found locked in a basement. He remains in jail without bond. 

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