Car Chase Leads To Crash, Drug Arrest

Pot, cocaine, and Hydrocodone found in fleeing man's vehicle.

A man was taken into custody after leading police on a chase through Tucker that ended in a wreck.

DeKalb officers in a patrol unit near Peters Park observed two cars blocking a street and "impeding the flow of traffic," according to an incident report dated Jan. 8, which stated that the park is "a well known area for major narcotics violations."   

Both cars sped away as the police got closer, and a pursuit began of one of them, a black Dodge Charger. The chase continued down Elmdale Drive to Fellowship Road, crossing Idlewood Road "through the red light without stopping." 

The Dodge turned left on Smithfield Drive, right on Brownlee Drive and then right on Brockett Road, crashing and flipping over into a ditch at the corner of Pine Valley Road. "We observed the driver, later identified as Joseph Jackson, crawling out of the vehicle," the report stated. "(He) then fled...on foot towards the woods." The officers soon caught Jackson and arrested him.

Inside his car they found two pounds of marijuana, 23 grams of cocaine, 79 Hydrocodone pills, a scale, two cell phones and a large box of clear Ziploc bags.

Jackson is facing 10 charges, including possession of narcotics and multiple driving violations, as well as eluding police and resisting arrest.

Jerome Masters January 30, 2013 at 09:19 PM
Well I hope the officers treated this GENTLEMAN with respect. Thatsa what the idiots say on TV when somebody is killed.Some people have become so damn PC it turs my stomach Now we will provide him with prison school and feed and house this b#####d and he will be back and next time yhe GENTLEMAN may kill some one and then we can house him for life unless a slimedog lawyer gets him off. Hey I may sound bitter but when you lay it out its the truth


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