Area Wendy's Robbed at Gunpoint

One employee hurt in robbery at restaurant near Briarcliff Village and Northlake Tower Festival.

One employee sustained a hand wound in an armed robbery Monday night at the Wendy's restaurant at 3892 Lavista Road, Tucker, near Briarcliff Village and Northlake Tower Festival, DeKalb police reported.

A man with a silver revolver entered the restaurant through a side door behind the cash registers, according to the police report. Two employees secured themselves in the rear office, but, according to witnesses, the gunman threatened other employees, trying to access the office safe.

"If they don't open the door, I'll shoot you," the gunman told one employee twice, once before he fired a shot at the office door and again afterwards. The employee told police that the robber put the revolver to his head.

The gunshot hit the hand of one of the employees locked in the office, but did not break the skin. The employee was later taken to Grady Memorial Hospital, according to the report.

The threatened employee and others not locked in the office managed to escape when the gunman moved to the front of the store looking for witnesses.

A undetermined amount of money was taken from a cash register near the drive-through window, the report said.

Witnesses described the suspect as a black man, light-skinned, approximately 20 years old, with "bushy" eyebrows and brown eyes, wearing a gray t-shirt, orange hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans, the police report said.

DeKalb police responded to the robbery at approximately 9:15 p.m.


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