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What would your ideal park look like?

Your local public park may not be something you analyze often but it does affect your quality of life. The next time you’re relaxing in your hammock or watching the little ones jump off their swing set, take a minute. Ask yourself, what’s my personal dream-o-vision for my favorite corner of the world?

We have some hidden gems right here in Tucker, some tucked away sweet spots that are underutilized or sadly, not utilized at all. Not a visitor. Nada. No one. And many are worthy of our enjoyment.

Ever hear of Twin Brothers Lake at Johns Homestead off Lawrenceville Highway? Most Tuckerites don’t know it exists. It’s a precious piece of property with two lakes, a dam, wetlands with wildlife, beavers, you name it. A place to relax, fish, and breathe just a bit easier…

Back in the 1950s it was one of Tucker’s hot hangout spots. Fisherman and teenagers a like used the natural setting to fish and party. Now it’s a shell of itself, with an old broken bench and unkempt walking trails difficult to traverse.

What would you like to see happen to this old beautiful piece of property? The county has some ideas, but they need your input “to get that ball rolling,” explains Dave Butler with DeKalb County’s Natural Resources Management Office. “The county purchased it because it has characteristics needed for a community... it has obvious recreation opportunities, we had a vision of hiking trails and fishing," he said.

“But, no details or specifics are being planned by the county, nothing is set in stone, what they need is you,” stresses Butler. “We need your thoughts and opinions. We need more interest in it, to figure out what the community wants.”

Dave Butler is all too familiar with these type scenarios. …Beautiful pieces of county property undeveloped and underutilized because of lack of money and interest.

A perfect example of community and county coming together for the visioning process is Dearborn Park south of Decatur Square on Candler Road. “We’re going through the Master Planning process without outside contractors,” as a way to save money, explains Butler. “Residents meet with us to get ideas out, so we can understand what everybody would like to see.”

These meetings are to gather momentum for the community and county “to get started on trail development and get people using it.” This is something Butler would like to see sooner than later in Tucker.

Before I host Tucker Civic’s next Parks and Green Space meeting on June 14, I’d love to hear from you, my fellow Tuckerite, on what you’d like to see put in place. Care for a new playground at the Tucker Nature Preserve? Maybe more bathrooms at Henderson Park? How about a dog park? I can’t promise immediate improvements but at least we can brainstorm ideas to help our community. Email me at parks@tuckercivic.org or mark your calendar:

TCA’s Parks and Green Space Committee Meeting
Tuesday, June 14, 7 p.m.
4046 Brockett Creek Drive, Tucker

This meeting is a follow up to Tucker Civic’s May membership meeting on Parks and Gardens. We'll discuss which local Tucker parks need our Friends of Parks program and figure out ways to help the Bancroft Community Garden get up and running. We will also decide on our October Give-An-Hour clean-up location. Bring friends and family, hope to see you there!

The Scarlet Pimpernel June 10, 2011 at 09:29 PM
It could be a great place with a little love.


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