Neighbor Explains Her Support Of Murray's Brookhaven Mayoral Campaign

A neighbor of Brookhaven mayoral candidate Sandy Murray explains her decision to support the candidate, in the latest entry into The Forum.

Are you ready to hear the words “Mayor Murray” a lot more? I am, because I want our first Mayor to be a person of integrity, and that person is my neighbor Sandy Murray.

Anyone about to become Mayor will have their naysayers, but what Sandy’s detractors don’t understand is that she has never been against the City; Sandy had concerns about the rush to create Brookhaven without the proper planning.

I’ve known Sandy for years. I know that she cares deeply about our community. She is the current President of the Ashford Alliance and has done outstanding work with the Brookhaven Peachtree Community Association. She’s been a volunteer for the Brookhaven Arts Alliance, Taste of Brookhaven, Brookhaven Arts Festival, and National Night Out at Blackburn Park. That’s quite an impressive record of community service. Sandy is also an active member of Rotary, whose motto is “Service Above Self.”

Sandy Murray’s vision of Brookhaven includes a top-notch police force so that our streets and our neighborhoods are safe and a transparent and open government that doesn’t do deals behind closed doors. Sandy also wants to make sure that tax dollars collected in Brookhaven are spent HERE in Brookhaven.

So let the naysayers grumble all they’d like. Tomorrow, I’m voting Sandy for Mayor. Would you join me in supporting Mayor Murray?

JoAnn Russler

Deborah Dunn November 05, 2012 at 06:00 PM
That picture of Sandy Murray on the day of the city hood vote holding the huge black "No City" sign is all the explanation I need to know that she would be a disaster as the first Mayor of Brookhaven.
Eddie E. November 05, 2012 at 06:25 PM
And, Sandy doesn't carry the benighted sense of 'entitlement' of her primary opponent, just the will to do a good job for all the Citizens.
Stormy Petrel November 05, 2012 at 06:47 PM
Thank you. It is one thing to oppose the idea of incorporation, even to speak out against it. We all witnessed the duplicity behind the No City campaign when it's financial backers were finally disclosed, even after Jodi's Gov't 101 explanation. I am curious, nobody ever talks about Mr. Alan Cole. I have hardly heard a peep from anyone supporting or opposing the guy. Why did he have such a hard time with Rebecca Chase William's volunteer involvement with ZBA? Why did HamBurger echo that meme???
PkCk November 05, 2012 at 08:02 PM
@...but what Sandy’s detractors don’t understand is that she has never been against the City; Sandy had concerns about the rush to create Brookhaven without the proper planning. Oh really? Below is a direct quote from a printed document Sandy Murray distributed in June 2012. Quote: “Basically, I see no reason for another layer of bureaucracy. Being in unincorporated DeKalb all this years [sic] has, to me, been the best of all possible worlds. From what I have heard, the cities of Sandy Springs, Dunwoody and Milton (I think – maybe it’s Johns Creek) have not been financially successful. I spoke with a good friend recently who was lamenting a major property tax increase confronting him. I don’t believe the claims that city taxes would be less than DeKalb County taxes they would replace. Sanitation and water services will not change nor, I think, will fire protection. I have never had a problem with DeKalb police services, which seems to be a major selling point for the pro-city forces. If we must have a city, why not just let Chamblee annex us?" End Quote. Sandy does not mention the rush she now claims was her main objection, but she sure seemed happy with DeKalb in June and clearly stated her opposition. Also, if Sandy was in favor, but concerned about the rush, her now famous 'Vote No' sign on election day should have said,'Not Yet.'
Eddie E. November 05, 2012 at 09:46 PM
PkCk, I will wait for further opinions once we are facing that inevitable major property tax increase, or if we stick to the woefully inadequate Police projections that Mr. Murray's opponent is willing to accept when people wonder why they were lied to about Police.


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