Postal Service Dropping Saturday Delivery

About $2 billion a year will be saved, according to estimates.

The United States Postal Service announced Wednesday that regular Saturday mail delivery will cease starting in August.

"What's being reported is one of those things that we are looking at as another possible cost-cutting measure," said Michael Miles, spokesperson for the Atlanta District of the USPS. "So for now it's part of a study that we are looking at over the next five years to reduce our costs."

The move does not affect package delivery, mail-order medicines, priority and express mail. It is expected to save $2 billion annually.

"I don't like it," said Dr. Wallace Hardy of the plan. He and his wife Ruth Ann have lived in Tucker for 40 years, and were at the local post office shortly after noon on Wednesday to mail some packages. "Saturday delivery is a convenience for most people," Dr. Hardy said. "I don't know what's in it for them (the postal service)."

Ruth Ann Hardy said she feels badly for the employees who will lose income. "We know our delivery person very well, and we think the world of her," she said. 


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