Tucker “Neighbor-to-Neighbor Dialogue” Continues at December 17th Community Meeting

Despite busy holiday schedules, the Tucker community continues to fill neighborhood meetings to express their passion for preserving the place they call home. An informed citizenry is the hallmark of a sustainable community, and Tucker 2014 is continuing the neighbor-to-neighbor dialogue aimed at ensuring ALL Tucker residents have a voice in decisions that will forever impact our 121-year-old community.

Residents from across Tucker will gather on Tuesday, December 17th at 7:00 p.m. at First Christian Church of Atlanta, 4532 LaVista Road in Tucker to learn about the impact to long-standing Tucker neighborhoods, parks, and businesses of the various cityhood initiatives. Critical decisions about Tucker’s future will soon be in the hands of elected officials as the State Legislative Session gets underway in January, and your voice deserves to be heard.

The community meeting will include an overview of the proposed City of Tucker initiative, followed by community dialogue in a question and answer format. For more information about this meeting and the proposed City of Tucker, visit www.tucker2014.com.

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Cheryl Miller December 12, 2013 at 12:38 PM
Being heard is not enough. The people who are the long time residents of this community deserve to have an advocacy group that shares their same concerns and vision of the future for Tucker. I bought my home because I like the community and the neighborhoods the way they are now. I like my neighbors, many of whom are the original homeowners. They are the foundation of our community. How can they tell you what they think when you have not shared any information with the public about your plans, your financial sources or your vision? You will not even explain clearly who drew the map you are using and why they drew the boundaries in such a way that it is no longer recognizable as Tucker. How can you advocate for something that you cannot even explain?? Tucker 2014's map goes against the only clear thing to come from every public meeting - protect our borders. Not create new ones - protect what has never been in question - if you need help, please refer to the zip code map for 30084 and 30085.
Brian December 12, 2013 at 01:50 PM
You can always count on Cheryl "chicken-little" Miller. What's next...save Tucker from Tucker? As one of the long-time residents of this area you mention, your tireless negative commentary is completely unproductive. But, that's what you really want isn't it? Between you and RandyRand trolling every post about cityhood, the Patch has become an almost unreadable site regarding this topic.
Wayne Kelley December 13, 2013 at 08:29 AM
Cheryl - Although I think Brian's sarcasm was perhaps uncalled-for, I tend to agree with the gist of his comments. Meeting after meeting has been held, and widely publicized, and mostly the same people tend to show up. Everyone knows who the leadership of Tucker 2014 is, there's no mystery about it. Tucker 2014 is the only group that I know of that is actively working to preserve Tucker's integrity as a community. Why take potshots at them, rather than joining the effort? Where is the organization that has a proposed map with the boundaries you prefer?
Cheryl Miller December 15, 2013 at 01:40 PM
Have you looked at the map, Brian? They did the exact opposite of what the other, experienced political groups did - they specifically went outside of the traditional borders of Tucker to "land grab" into areas of DeKalb that have the most extreme levels of poverty. Wayne, the "other groups" are not present because there is no way a true grass roots effort can spring into action at the drop of a hat. Tucker Together and Tucker 2014 have their own contacts in government and it is highly doubtful that any of them were caught as off-guard as the rest of the Tucker community when it was announced that a high school was not only going to form a city, but also take our commercial areas in order to make that happen for them. The fact that Tucker 2014 sprung to life without any true measure of whether that was what the community truly wanted, was another red flag. And if you support a group that will not tell you their plan or even who drew the boundaries they wish to incorporate and why.... you're putting a lot of trust in people who formed a board of city advocates by only including one small pocket of neighbors and several living on the very same street.
Wayne Kelley December 15, 2013 at 05:32 PM
Cheryl, you are simply mistaken about the people who constitute Tucker 2014. I can tell you that my feeling is that that effort sprang from the shock of realization that we all had when we saw that LCA had drawn their "city limits" boundary down the middle of Chamblee-Tucker Road. And for you to say that the Tucker effort is a "land-grab" is unbelievable. I have supported you before on these boards, Cheryl, but I've got to tell you that you are starting to sound paranoid to me. There's only one game in town to stop LCA from annexing what they consider to be the "good" parts of Tucker, and that is to get behind the Tucker 2014 effort wholeheartedly. If we don't stop fighting among ourselves, we will be consumed by LCA, I don't think either of us wants that to happen.
Brian December 16, 2013 at 09:06 AM
Cheryl: I am very familiar with both the Tucker map and the Lakeside map, as I am included in both. I'm also a realist and understand there were many challenges in putting a Tucker map together, such as the unincorporated island issue which is particularly problematic for Tucker given the proximity to the Gwinnett county border. Also I would guess they felt inclined to be at least somewhat comparable in size and tax base to the COBI and Lakeside efforts so they could compete for approval in the legislature down the road. Who defines the "traditional borders for Tucker" Cheryl? You? Since when does a post office zip code determine the makeup of a community? I live in Wembley Forest. My family and I spend a lot of time in Tucker, shop and eat, have a lot of friends, and love the events that have grown on Main Street in the last few years. But I'm not part of Tucker because I don't have a Tucker zip-code? Let's assume you're the Cheryl Miller that lives on Samaria Trail (quick google search). If so, you are 2.2 miles from the Local 7, and I'm 2.3 miles. But you're Tucker and I'm not? Do see how absurd that sounds? As for their 'plan', I've seen you criticize Lakeside for already having a plan and not taking community input, now you're going to criticize TT for not having a 'plan' and taking input? You can't have it both ways, Cheryl. It's obvious that you are anti-cityhood, and that's certainly your right to have that opinion. The point of my original post is that all you're doing is criticizing everyone for everything just to muddy the waters and see what sticks, trying to induce paranoia instead of having a reasoned conversation about the topic.
Carlyn Greene December 17, 2013 at 11:13 PM
Way too much time and effort is being spent trying to reason with Cheryl Miller. I see very few people supporting her position, yet quite a few people trying to reason with her. It can't be done and IS unproductive . So to move to a positive note, I just went to the most recent Tucker 2014 meeting -- my third. Each time I get more convinced that incorporating as a city is the right move for the Tucker community, as Wayne and Brian have pointed out. Tucker has been a community for 120 years, and to preserve that identity, the best path forward is to incorporate. Dekalb County government has not served the best interests of our area, and in my opinion, a more decentralized, local government has a better chance of doing so. The map is drawn pretty close to traditional Tucker lines. Nothing will be perfect. I support Tucker 2014, and I think that the legislature will find the proposal a reasonable one. If that happens, then we can all vote on it.
Cheryl Miller December 18, 2013 at 09:19 AM
Why is it that the strongest supporters of the Tucker 2014 group are those who find themselves in "both maps" as mentioned above?


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