So You Want Kissable Lips for Valentine's Day?

Valentine’s Day is a good time to pucker up and focus on your lips.

Valentine’s Day is a good time to pucker up and focus on your lips.  After all, your lips get a major workout on a daily basis — talking, eating, drinking, smiling… and kissing!  

Because they’re extremely vascular and have a thin layer of skin, lips require utmost care and should be treated the same as very sensitive skin.  Yet, except for an application of lipstick or balm, lips often go neglected.  As a critical feature of your face that impacts your appearance, lips need the attention they deserve.

First, gently exfoliate lips once a week with a toothbrush to keep dry, dead skin to a minimum.  Always follow up with a gentle lip balm after you brush them.

Avoid over-the-counter lip “plumpers” that contain harsh ingredients like cinnamon and niacin to make lips swell so they look bigger. This swelling comes at a price: ingredients in “plumpers” cause irritation and inflammation, and frequent applications can cause lip tissue to break down more quickly. If you must use a “plumper,” then reserve it for special occasions for lips to look full for the event only, not daily.

Instead, opt for products that contain natural collagen stimulators, such as those with peptides.  At , we carry two fantastic products — PCA  Peptide Lip Therapy and Vivite Defining Lip Plumper. Both of these heal the skin, encourage collagen production and can be worn daily.

Always wear lipstick, lip balm or gloss with SPF, because your lips need the same sun protection as the rest of your skin.  We carry Youngblood makeup products, which include naturally formulated mineral lipsticks and lip glosses that contain SPF 15.

For a super light and moisturizing balm, try GloMinerals Lipbalm with SPF 15 and other wonderful ingredients to smooth and keep lips at their best. This chunky lip balm is an About Face Skin Care favorite!

But, the most common problem with lips that I hear is not their texture, but their size decreasing and lipstick starting to “feather,” or bleed out of the lip line due to the loss of the lips’ border.

These two issues occur because of the “white roll border” (the raised border of the lip, where the “vermillion” pink part of the lip and white border skin meet).  The white roll border holds up your lips (similar to how “stakes” support a pop-up tent).  As you age, the border loses its volume and strength, causing you to lose the support structure for your lips as a result.

This loss of structure causes your lips to be pulled inward and drawn into your mouth.  To see what I’m talking about, try this exercise: simply take your fingers and pull out the inside of your mouth and you’ll see far more lip volume.  That’s why older people have thin, drawn lips rather than the plump, perky lips of their youth.

But, there’s good news!  To pull the volume back out of your mouth and give you the lips you had when you were younger is why injectable fillers, such as Juvederm® Ultra (which contains lidocaine for extra comfort), are so popular at About Face.

  • Juvederm® strengthens the white roll border on lips, which, in turn, pulls lips back out of the mouth and provides structure, giving you the look you had 10 years ago.  Additional volume is added only if this is the look you desire.
  • We address the “philtral columns,” the two columns that lead from the nose to the lips and flatten out over time, making the center part of the upper lip collapse. We gently fill in this area with Juvederm® to reverse the appearance of aging.
  • To give a fuller looking lip, we add a small amount of Juvederm® to the pink part of the lip, also known as the vermillion.

Another common complaint is the corners of the mouth turn downward, resulting in a natural frowning appearance (more commonly known as “sad mouth”).  This can be eliminated by adding Juvederm® to the corners of the mouth and in the “marionette lines” that have formed over time to lift up the area.

And, presto! Best of all, results are immediate and last for six months to a year.

If you are interested in hearing about these or any other products and services available at About Face Skin Care, please give us a call at 770.935.FACE (3223) or email us at info@aboutfaceskin.com. You also may schedule a consultation appointment at www.aboutfaceskin.com. We look forward to meeting you!

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