Dear Lakeside City Alliance, Whoever You Are

Please bear with me for a moment as I am still trying to understand the line of reasoning for the creation of a new city called "Lakeside City."

Dear city alliance leaders, 

Please bear with me for a moment as I am still trying to understand the line of reasoning for the creation of a new city called "Lakeside City."

First of all, if you can rally so many people together, why have you not done so sooner in an effort to help our schools? You must realize that the school system is the main reason for all these upset residents, don't you? Did you plan to start a city all along and you were waiting for things to get this bad before you put forth your idea? Or perhaps you had a hand in the crisis creation since it was your board member, Paul Womack, who had been criticized for having hidden agendas and unknown constituents with private agendas. 

Here are some of the things that I am hoping your "area" will help you consider:

  • You do realize that you are responding to a crisis centered around schools with a solution that has nothing to do with schools, right?
  • You do not have a business district which is typically the heart of a city.  
  • You apparently like the business district that belongs to Tucker. That’s great. Thank you for your patronage, but you are not entitled to annex our businesses into your non-existent city. Tucker will not let that happen.
  • Cities are not typically named after schools. You have things backwards. You do not have a city. You have a school. It is already named Lakeside. You live outside of a very big city. It is named Atlanta. It’s very well-known.  
  • Your state legislator is wasting your tax dollars by spending his time trying to convince you that you need a new layer of government in order to have something better. You already think you are better. Why do you need him? 
  • Instead of holding meetings about fictious cities based on fear, retreat and ficticious boundaries, maybe you can tell your legislator to work on fixing the school system since the state is the one that has been under-funding our schools and forcing our taxes to go up as a result. The state also skims about a million dollars a year off the top of the money intended for our schools so it can go to other counties in Georgia, like Gwinnett. We are one of the only states that uses this form of state education funding where we collect taxes from one area and dish them out elsewhere. That's an area of local control that the state is denying you right now. We shouldn't need a new city to change that. Where is your local control guru when you need him?
  • Your state legislator told you that he needs your money for a study, but he just told your neighbors the same thing. They were going to call their school, uh, I mean, city, Oak Grove City. It was going to be named after their elementary school. Again, the process is not intended to work in reverse. First, city. Then, school.  
  • You are very interested in exploring options, but not when it comes to the name of your school, uh, I mean city. I wonder why? Maybe because you are really a group of real estate investors who need to move inventory in a particular area and this is a great way to get some publicity for free. If we were to start calling your efforts an expansion of Tucker, then your plan might backfire and send more buyers over to Tucker.  
  • So, we know the name is the one thing you will not change. That means you are already making plans that you will refuse to change, no matter what the residents might want for themselves? That sounds an awful lot like the government we already have.  
  • Exactly how many residents will enjoy a lake view or be able to fish or swim in your lake? Where is your lake? What is the name of it? Are you telling me that “Echo Lake” is the lake that Lakeside is named after? Is that technically even a lake at all? It’s so small and the water looks really murky and green. Is that because it is really a swamp?  

Hold on a second….
OMG, Lakeside City Alliance - whoever you are. 

Did you seriously invest in a bunch of property that is located on top of a marshy swampland alongside a major interstate exchange and convince a bunch of people that they were buying million dollar homes with “lakefront property” and high quality schools nearby?  

Wow. Wait a minute...

Did you tell them they could expect low crime statistics when they are locked between two major Interstates near one of the largest cities in the U.S.?  

That’s really shady.  

You are probably friends with a lot of those mortgage people who sold Americans a bill of goods then snatched their homes away from them when they couldn't pay up, aren't you?

You probably know about the new national reporting standards for high school graduation rates, too, don't you? So you know that the school isn't enough to bring new buyers to you any longer since your graudation rates trail Tucker, Redan and others. You probably did not talk about those results at your meeting, did you?

You Mom didn't love you very much, did she?  

You must be very sad and lonely. You should try to talk to somebody about what you are experiencing. Just back off from Tucker. We're happy here and we're trying our best to help the kids and fix the schools. We don't really need your distraction from what we like to call "the real world." 

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Brett March 03, 2013 at 04:56 PM
Cheryl - I've never said anything about cell towers and I'd rather not live next to one myself. It's your style of communication I take issue with. You started this comment thread with an incredibly condescending tone, then somehow brought sexism and racism into it. You're now saying people believe in things when you have no idea what you're talking about. I have no doubt you're well meaning, and we may even agree in some areas. But I would never take you too seriously.
RandyRand March 03, 2013 at 07:14 PM
Here are the facts Cheryl, Radiation concerns and possible dangers are very proximity related in cellular systems and there are two origination points of radiation in the system, the tower and the cellular mobile device: phone, Ipad… For good reason, to date, every medical concern about possible personal radiation dangers lay with the mobile device and NOT the cell tower. The reason for the almost exclusive focus on the mobile device is because of high use and the intimate proximity of the device to a user’s body. Quite simply put, the mobile device generates electromagnetic radiation which is absorbed by human tissue in closest proximity to the device. As a result, all studies recommend minimizing device use by adults and children and using hands free devices and other methods which extend one’s proximity to a device. In addition to reducing the duration of mobile device use and increasing the physical proximity of a mobile device to one’s self, the FCC has reduced over the years the maximum allowable power of the mobile devices. Reducing device power output is important so another proven way to reduce the possible harmful radiation output of every mobile device is to have cell towers closer to the mobile devices i.e.; more cell towers. This works because mobile devices which are close to their network tower have to produce lower internal signal, consume less power and thereby produce lower radiation.
RandyRand March 03, 2013 at 07:15 PM
The fact is Cheryl that your anti Cell tower efforts are 180 degrees misguided. Your anti cell tower efforts are actually promoting more radiation at the most personal and more dangerous place, at the mobile device. So again, you need to stop spreading bogus theory and misinformation. And if after this basic factual explanation you still irrationally fear FCC regulated cell tower expansions, even though these expansions effectively reduce potentially dangerous radiation, may I suggest that you and your anti-cell tower nut job posse start wrapping your heads in aluminum foil in solidarity when venturing outside. Then, at the very least, we all will be able to clearly identify the real danger.
RandyRand March 03, 2013 at 08:53 PM
The Lakeside City Alliance is exploring, examining and discussing this basic question: Do the boundaries of Dekalb County best define the local interests of our community and adequately provide a good return in value for the higher taxes we pay? This seems like a very reasonable question to me. Why should a family with a four bedroom house in north of Hwy 78 pay 100% more in taxes than a family with a four bedroom house south of Hwy 78? Does one family get twice the protection in police or fire? Are the parks and recreation opportunities 100% greater north of 78. We did not draw lines we simple bought homes in an area and have raised reasonable questions. It’s a question of value. While local school performance remains the areas highest concern, under current state law more direct control over local schools or clusters currently remains stuck at the county level. It is obvious that the county school system has proven too big to manage effectively and things could change. Lakeside area parents are already taking steps, including independent accreditation and possible session through charter. But the same underlying question remains at the county level: are we getting what we are paying for? I think not!
Tom Doolittle March 03, 2013 at 09:19 PM
"But the same underlying question remains at the county level: are we getting what we are paying for?" I think that's one of many questions people have that lead to the New City-Making. It's a good one, but like most, complex under different premises of government. First, your property tax argument may more reflect the problems with property taxes in general over alternatives like sales taxes. Also, it may well be that even higher valued property taxpayers than your example may NEVER "get" their taxes worth in services, even if a city is formed. Also, those above US 78 may actually be getting their taxes worth, but those below are getting twice theirs. For some, we live in a commonwealth, where we all support common assets. Under that concept, we all go to the same parks, for instance, whether a reality or not. (I won't argue that point, its just a premise that your argument doesn't consider).
Cheryl Miller March 03, 2013 at 11:41 PM
Randy: I have never once mentioned fear or disputed how a cell tower works. I assure you, I am well educated on this subject. I don't oppose any cell tower expansion, just opposed to our corrupt school board trying to hide what they were doing in order to line their own pockets. Everyone should be opposed to that. And, you obviously do not live around here or you would know that most of the schools that were picked for the towers are elementary schools. These children do not use cell phones, so the "danger" at the site of the "device" as you call it, is non-existent. We have plenty of towers so this is not a factor of increased radiation from towers spread so far apart that the phones have to increase their radiation in order to connect. We have them at least every quarter mile and very close to our schools already. What we are against is the fact that these towers would normally bring in good money for a commercial area instead of evading taxes on government property. They are not zoned to be located in residential areas and we have ordinances that would ordinarily prevent that from happening. Our school board wanted to help a company skirt the law and we have stopped them. There is nothing that you can say that would make that wrong in anyone's eyes. In fact, other than on the blogs where people can hide their identity, I've had absolutely no one who has taken any other position in front of me because I would gladly debate them on the subject.
Tom Doolittle March 04, 2013 at 01:14 AM
Cheryl: Its really important going forward to establish how people who want to make a city essentially inside I-285 are going to deal with what is essentially the area within the 30084 zip code--Tucker. Tucker leaders and the "ITP" people need to get together (terms of engagement) and stay in touch. I'd say the relationships that ITP has with any finite entity (like Tucker Civic Association and other business and civic groups to the east and some Druid Hills and North Decatur groups to be just as important while the "ITP's" essentially negotiate with in-boundary forces. BTW--this is a problem (opporunity) that Brookhaven never dealt with (they'll regret that along with many other mistakes). So what's next is following or even assisting with the new CID that Tucker is forming. The civic groups there have specifically decided to do that INSTEAD of forming a city. Bottom line--I really don't think anyone's gonna be "stealing" anything from Tucker. Tucker had its state reps at the ITP's meeting last week--they have relationships with the the state reps here that want a city. Tucker's interests are always well served at the state house and county level.
Cheryl Miller March 04, 2013 at 10:01 AM
I understand how the radiation works. I just don't want one near my child's school or my house. I understand how cars work, too, but I don't want a gas station at the school, either. I like for the toilets to flush, but don't want a sewage treatment plant in my back yard. You can talk about the needs of the industry that provides an optional service or you can talk about the rights of homeowners and parents to decide what they want next to their homes or children. Pick a side and put yourself in that position and it is pretty clear that there is a "right" and "wrong" here. Cell phone companies have other options of where to put their towers. Children are forced by law to go to their designated school. If Lakeside cannot get their phones to work with 129 towers / antennas in a four mile radius, they need to call the phone company, not the school board.
Cheryl Miller March 04, 2013 at 10:18 AM
Thanks for making the point as to why Lakeside should not include Tucker or Northlake Mall in its plans. You don't like the name Tucker and don't patron the mall, so back off! Tucker has a history of how it evolved. Read about it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tucker,_Georgia#History. "Tucker is a census-designated place in DeKalb County, Georgia, United States. The population was 27,581 at the 2010 Census... It also has been designated with its own ZIP code of 30084.... The community was named for a leading Southern Baptist, Henry Holcombe Tucker... If incorporated, Tucker would be the third largest city in the county after Brookhaven and Dunwoody."
Matthew Leonard March 04, 2013 at 01:58 PM
Ralph...Oswald acted alone?????? Have you seen the video where a Secret Service is being told to stand down shortly before the shots were fired???? He's hlding his arms out in the "WTF" position.... Ralph...Read the book Mortal Error. An agent in the car behind the Kennedy limo fired an accidental shot.... Ralph....Whle you're at it look up.... Moon Landing Hoax...surf around...see what you can find. Good luck, Ralph....
Tom Doolittle March 04, 2013 at 02:11 PM
I always thought that after Sandy Springs, Tucker made the most sense for incorporation (before Dunwoody). Tucker may have actually been more "organically" suited than Sandy Springs, given its central "town" core and something that most people have completely waved off--and industrial base. Note--regarding shaping the "misshapen" suburban stretch into a central town--Sandy Springs will invest $85 million (just the current estimate--it will grow) to build what Tucker already has: a town center, The amount of investment that suburban stretches will have to make to "become" towns will be astronomical--as well as spending on infrastructure that the county will no longer be obliged to pay for--as well as upkeep of infrastructure that the law has foced counties to cede to them for pennies on the dollar. Tucker is ready and can be patient and call the play. The rest of us are all "retrofit"--very expensive.
RandyRand March 04, 2013 at 04:13 PM
Cheryl, is all this about of you being “extreme to get noticed” again? In a public forum this style comes across as either childish or kooky. In either case it reflects poorly on you. You also seem to carry some irrationally angst freely admitting that “the word "Lakeside" strikes a particular sour note with you”. So what we are left with here are these Illogical diatribes comingling cell towers, Tucker, schools and now Lakeside. It reminds me of a headless chicken running around the barnyard bouncing from one structure to another. In the future, pick a topic and make your case. If you are for Tucker cityhood say so, If you are in favor of cell towers but only in commercial areas, make your case. This “issue” you have with the Lakeside area, if it is real, please lay out your factual concerns. A writer can be both edgy and coherent, it is called style, and it represents a better goal than just being “extreme to get noticed”.
Cheryl Miller March 04, 2013 at 05:06 PM
Randy, I've made my case and done so very clearly in writing, in speech, in person, in the media, in the legislature, in the schools and here for you and anyone else who cares. But, what's your case? That we should just let the corrupt school board do whatever they want to our neighborhoods? That Tucker residents should sit back and shut up? That creative writing should be stifled if it strikes a cord in the opposition's camp? You are arguing for argument's sake and that's beginning to bore me.
Tom Doolittle March 04, 2013 at 05:19 PM
"out of control politics": The state legislature is allowing const amendments that only affect local issues. White legislators in black-led counties have proposed: (1) North DeKalb/Fulton/(one Gwinnett) "new cities only" to create city school systems (instead of the whole state) (2) No public money to be used for constitutional challenges (of any sort? c'mon)--no matter what the issue is nor how it affects local governance--a statewide law solely to conduct a vendetta against DeKalb School Board (3) The state-wide city-making law enacted for Sandy Springs is really only for North Metro--note who's using it. (4) The law providing statewide power to the Governor to intervene in local school boards is really for three jurisdictions. (5) there's more that goes back more than one year...but WTF (Note where all of these bills authored--North, North, North Metro) The point is, maybe some of us benefit--more are hurt--even just with these arbitrary North/South laws. However, note they are only quick-fix "emergent" (expedient) laws BECAUSE the legislature didn't do its job 10-12 years ago. ...and the problems with these decisions will not only cause further laws to be needed to compensate for unseen circumstances, but also more Supreme Court decisions. BTW--this is what happens when one political party approaches and reaches a supermajority.
Matthew Leonard March 04, 2013 at 06:53 PM
Brett, just changing the subject Pal.There are more important things going on in these United States that the creation of a new city in an area that has enough municipalities. FORGET ABOUT CREATING A NEW FRIGGIN' CITY!!!!.....forget about CELL TOWERS..... Look up: 1) Exectutive Order 11110....a PRIVATE BANK is STILL ILLEGALLY PRINTING OUR MONEY.....JFK was going to put a stop to this. The NEW WORLD ORDER GHW Bush referred to is REAL and COMING FOR US ALL!!!!! They need us in a bind and a 16 TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT sure fits the bill. John J. McCloy, Pres. of the Federal Reserve Board was on the WARREN COMMISSION!!!!! Look it up. 2) FREEDOM FROM WAR...State Dept. Publication 7277 released Sept 1961... Complete disarmament of the U.S. ....Look it up. 3) Georgia Guidestone....March 22, 1980.....(Look it up) coincides with 4) Skull & Bones (322).....the 322 meaning March 22...of this year which occurs during the United Nations meeting in NYC about the Arms Agreement Obama is supposed to sign off on...(See #1).... 5).....or not......go ahead.....sweat the load about your new city and your cell towers....you won't be able to enjoy any of it after they herd you into an "internment camp!!!!!" (Googal this, too!!!!) 6) Get your heads out of your collective asses......( "off your meds"...J.H.Ke-ryst) 7)poormansnews2/.....Brett Simpson 8)freedomandtruth4all 9) How 'bout THEM apples, folks!!!!! ML OFF-LINE
Brett March 04, 2013 at 07:50 PM
Mathew, Why don't you worry about who shot JFK, the new world order, Skull and Bones, and being placed in an internment camp, and I'll give some thought to the formation of a new city. See? There's plenty of issues to go around!
RandyRand March 12, 2013 at 08:38 PM
Tom, are the politics out of control or simply changing? Over the last fifteen years millions of people have migrated to Georgia with the vast majority moving to the Atlanta metro area north of I20. These new Georgians have brought their prior history of experiences with local townships, cities and much better schools. This is not a stereotypical North/South or Black/White dynamic it is instead a focus on improvement. As all legal immigrants do everywhere, they first focus on making things work locally for themselves. They moved here for a better life. To effectively accomplish this they needed new laws so that they could be self governed, nimble, and fix or improve things quickly. These new GA immigrants will NOT accept Georgia’s historically lower standards but instead demonstrate to everyone an effective path forward.
RandyRand March 12, 2013 at 08:50 PM
Tom, the latest school crisis is more an example of executive safeguarding than "out of control politics". The recent School Board suspensions by the Governor, specifically in Dekalb ,is an intervention from the welfare of the students and property owners. Anyone with half a brain knows this disaster has been in making for at least ten years or more. It occurred because skin color in selecting a superintendent and board members became the overriding criteria. Look at the disasters in both board and superintendent positions the district has selected to run the school systems. The emergency intervention of SBOE could hardly be avoided. It will be short term, the dismantling of the district into locally governed clusters via cityhood or charter efforts offer the only route to educational success path.
Tom Doolittle March 13, 2013 at 07:24 PM
This is well state--and something I should have at least considered in the political environment. Two observations as an adjunct: (1) an answer to your question--its politics out of control times with a variety of supporting factors--yours being one. The attack on the Constitution using amendments is an aggressive yet low-risk strategy (for legislators anyway)--but will lead to a mess that Democrats will inherit eventually; (2)The current tactics resulting in regime change for Fulton and DeKalb waited for the right time--note them ignoring and just complaining instead of acting 8 to 10 years ago when school system had obviously become a disaster--timing now is calculated and so is the myth of "emergency" in property values propogated by a media strategy (show me numbers on the specific property value impact in affluent areas granted primacy more thru location than schools)--note that property values have gone up in the post-2007 era south of Druid Hills Rd. (3) The judicial system has been enrolled as "agent", again deflecting responsibility and risk from legislature--and where was it when the even more corrupt Vernon Jones presided--and why has it taken three years (and counting) bring C Lewis to trial? Again--timing is calculated. (4)Certainly other obvious incidences that add up to calculation and "activism" by the Leg, no room here to recount Appreciate yu noting we have varied school choice here--which can be used to deflect the PR impact vs pub sch problems.
Cheryl Miller March 17, 2013 at 11:58 AM
Yes, I know. The tower was for an elementary school. They don't use cell phones. Your explanation doesn't apply. Next?
Cheryl Miller March 17, 2013 at 01:52 PM
And it comes right back to the schools, doesn't it? Fix the schools and we'll fix the problems.
Cheryl Miller May 12, 2013 at 08:48 PM
By the way, the last time I checked, Lakeside had 147 cell towers in a four mile radius of the school address. You can double check that at http://www.antennasearch.com. So, lower power levels? Is that like saying the ultra-light cigarettes with the built-in filter is perfectly harmless, too? They tried using a cute little cartoon camel to market those things to the younger generation. I wonder how they'll get these phones into the kids hands to get them hooked at an early age? Oh, that's right... ebooks. I forgot. That was Atkinson's other great idea before she took the golden parachute, wasn't it? And who helped bring her here? Womack? Walker? Or a combination of the two working together?
Longerthanu May 13, 2013 at 01:35 PM
Late to that party. Kids are already hooked --waaayyy before high school. You'll find out for yourself in a few very short years.
RandyRand May 13, 2013 at 02:14 PM
A Morse Code response to Cheryl Miller : -.-. .... . .-. -.-- .-.. -- .. .-.. .-.. . .-. .-- --- ..- .-.. -.. .... .- ...- . -... . . -. .- -. - .. - . .-.. . --. .-. .- .--. .... .. -. - .... . .---- ---.. ----- ----- ... - --- ---
Cheryl Miller May 15, 2013 at 01:47 PM
Longerthanu - are you suggesting that somehow means it is okay?
TruthWillSetYouFree May 15, 2013 at 03:45 PM
Cheryl, Randy Rand is a Fox News conservative who believes in less government unless of course that government is run by minorities in which case we need more government so we can get some white people in charge. He also happens to make his money outsourcing/off shoring our jobs (according to his linked in profile) and then probably complains that those people who's jobs he sent off shore need government assistance. Lastly he is a friend of Mary Kay so god knows what he has been promised on the back end if this thing goes through for his efforts. Randy why is it we can find you all over this site and LCA emails with your name calling and cheerleading yet never do we see a Randy Randolph comment on facebook name calling these same people?
Betsy Parks May 15, 2013 at 11:16 PM
Here is the truth for you: “Radio frequency emissions from antennas used for cellular and PCS [personal communications service] transmissions result in exposure levels on the ground that are typically thousands of times below safety limits. These safety limits were adopted by the FCC based on the recommendations of expert organizations and endorsed by agencies of the Federal Government responsible for health and safety. Therefore, there is no reason to believe that such towers could constitute a potential health hazard to nearby residents or students.” http://www.cancer.org/cancer/cancercauses/othercarcinogens/athome/cellular-phone-towers The rest is hate, paranoia and now "TruthWill..." throws in racism as a last resort. The rants are not working and I don't think you are fooling many people anymore. The silver lining in these blogs is that you have been challenged. I don't think you have the support to stop anything now. That is why your delete and block STFL was not recognized by in the community meeting and you are no longer a member of TTT.
RandyRand May 16, 2013 at 12:13 AM
TruthWillSetYouFree, We have all been all been waiting months for you put the weed down, and get into the conversation. The above garbage which Cheryl spewed months ago was a conversation then. She continues to be discredited and is now on the outs with most readers and including reasonable Tuckerites. TWSYF, You seem to have the same problem with Facts that Cheryl does, you get a little info and begin making crazy assumptions which are 180 degrees from reality. For example; I do work to help global companies outsource, but 100% of the work comes to the USA, thus creating many new jobs. My work also involves helping the Red Cross collect donations and provide assistance during major catastrophes… Katrina, Sandy, to name a few! TWSYF, you assume that I want white people in charge, WRONG! I want smart, proven, and experienced people in charge. Perhaps you have seen me take it to Mary Margert Oliver. TWSYF, When the LCA cityhood study goes through, and it will, I will have supported an effort I believe in and on the backend I get what we all get: an opportunity to read and digest a cityhood feasibility study and become better informed. Becoming better informed, that is something both you and Cheryl really need to work on!
Longerthanu May 16, 2013 at 12:30 AM
Nope. Just saying you're about to get a big old dose of reality. This cell phone thing among kids is way bigger than some Podunk school official can drum up. It's all about peer pressure. And that starts much younger than you think. Also, it doesn't help if mommy or daddy holds a cellphone up to their own ear all day.
Longerthanu May 16, 2013 at 02:07 AM
Nope. Just that it's not a real influence. Kids don't want the Firefly, which was designed for kids. They want the smart phone that mommy handed them to keep them quiet when they were 3 -- the one all their friends have. The real enemy isn't the person supposedly in power. It's at home or playing next door or sitting in the desk across the aisle. The one that's really hard to fight.


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