Repairs Made to Sidewalk, Guardrail Over Dresden Drive, Creekbed

Looks like this stretch of sidewalk has been repaired. Thanks to those who did the work!


Last summer we called readers' attention to a stretch of sidewalk long Dresden Drive that was in serious disrepair.

The sidewalk near Dresden and Bamby and Brookline had been virtually uprooted. The safety rail over the adjacent creekbed also was in disrepair.

Well, on our way to cover Brookhaven's first-ever pothole repair last week, we saw where the sidewalk had been replaced and some very sturdy steel fencing had been placed over the bridge.

Nice to see that this stretch of walkway along one of Brookhaven's busiest thoroughfares has been repaired. Thanks to those who did the work!

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Enuff Govt Already January 24, 2013 at 12:10 AM
I drove by it last week as the work was going on and believe it or not it was a county crew. Still looks like a temp fix.


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