Uncle Maddio's Pizza House Expanding to Northlake

The regional chain will move into Northlake Festival early next year.

I've written a bit about the struggling commercial corridor up there in Northlake. (Northlake Festival Shopping Center and such.) I was just up there yesterday, however, eating a little Panda Express while reading and finishing up on some work, and, dare I say, it looked like the community might be rebounding a bit.

And with that, here's some news that Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint will move into Northlake Festival sometimes early next year, according to Tomorrow's News Today.

From the story:

Atlanta-based Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint plans to open sometime early next year at Northlake Festival. Uncle Maddio's at Northlake will be located in a portion of what was once The Sport Shoe, and was most recently a CLEAR Wireless Internet location. The Northlake franchisee reportedly plans to open "in January" but I'd wager they won't open until closer to March.

The fast casual pizza joint will not be alone in the Northlake area. Pizza Hut closed their dine-in full service restaurant in Briarcliff Village last year, and then relocated to an inline take out / deliver location not far away. Another Atlanta-based pizza concept, Stevi B's, a pizza buffet similar to CiCi's Pizza, also has a location in Briarcliff Village.

Check out the rest of the post for more analysis from the good people over at TNT.


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