Tucker Business Owner Responds to Slum Designation

“I think Tucker is thriving very well,” Bill Rosenfeld says.

Tucker Business Association President Bill Rosenfeld says that the DeKalb Board of Commissioners’ decision to declare most of Dekalb County a slum is “inappropriate.”

“I think Tucker is thriving very well,” said Rosenfeld, who also owns Rosenfeld Jewelry in Tucker.   

“A slummy area would be where houses are falling down and the yards are not taken care of and just a depressed area,” Rosenfeld said.  

The slum designation came from a unanimous decision by the Dekalb Board of Commissioners to create an urban development commission, which will allow businesses that create two or more jobs in the area to receive tax breaks.  

“On one hand it might help them get more money but it might hurt their tax base if people decide to move out of the slum area,” Rosenfeld said, noting that labeling most of the county a slum might also prevent businesses from wanting to move into the area.

Tucker established a Community Improvement District (CID) in February, which allows the community to apply for funding independent of the county that will support the economic growth and development of the Tucker community.

“We just formed it and we’re in the process of getting it off of the ground,” Rosenfeld said, noting that the CID plans to work on improving the aesthetics of the area.  

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Cheryl Miller June 13, 2013 at 04:04 PM
Is all of Tucker included in the designated area or just the Montreal Station and Royal Atlanta areas?
Tom Doolittle June 13, 2013 at 07:57 PM
In short--"Tucker" is NOT in the Urban Redevelopment Area (URA). It has the Mountain Industrial area in it. (see link--maps included) This is what is unique about DeKalb's use of the law. Most jurisdictions have only included the boundaries of their Opportunity Zones in their URAs (Urban Redevelopment Areas)--in other words there are one or several--they are specific. DeKalb's URA is nearly the entire non-city unincorporated area of DeKalb--except most of what the URP (Urban Development Plan) calls the Lavista Corridor AND Bouldercrest. The areas along "Lavista" (really Briarcliff/Lavista) that are in the URA correspond to apartment areas along byways. (I-85 NE Access/Embry Hills/Lavista Road/North Decatur/Clairmont) The inclusion of all residential areas that are 15% or more above poverty level in so-called "South DeKalb" appears to be due to prolific apartment communities in all census tracts whcih make it difficult to separate from single-family neighborhoods. It seems to meet the intent of the state law, but certainly invites abuse. The real question is how places like Alpharetta were able to define their URAs without including residential areas (the nature of census tracts).


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