The Score Card: Tucker Restaurant Inspections

Know before you go: How Tucker restaurants scored in recent health department inspections.

Here are the results of recent inspections of Tucker restaurants for the month of May and a summary of what the inspectors reported.  To see more reports, go to the DeKalb County Board of Health website.

May 2

Name and location: , 4453 Hugh Howell Rd.

Score: 96

Previous scores: 90 (11/14/2011), 94 (02/01/2011)

Violations cited: Upon arrival not all employees had on proper hair restraints. Unclean dumpster area. Observed trash bag and refuse on ground near dumpster.  Unshielded lights in back kitchen area and storage area.

May 2

Name and location: Northlake Idol, 2075 Northlake Pkwy.

Score: 79

Previous scores: 84 (12/20/2011), 88 (05/18/2011)

Violations cited: Not able to present employee health policy in written or verbal format. No papertowels at one handsink in back kitchen area or at bar handsink.  No soap at one of the back handsinks.   Cooked onions not held at 41F or below.  Unlabeled chemical bottles at bar.  Take out containers stored face-up.  Womens restroom does not have covered receptacle.  No cold water available at bar hand sink.  Single service items stored on floor in dry storage area.   Open dumpster lid.  Unshielded lights in back kitchen area.

May 3

Name and location:  Restaurant, 3977 Lawrenceville Hwy.

Score: 95

Previous scores: 100 (03/15/2012)

Violations cited: Unclean knife stored as clean. No trash can near back handsink.

May 16

Name and location:, 4021 Lawrenceville Hwy.

Score: 94

Previous scores: 98 (11/17/2011), 91(03/16/2011)

Violations cited: Upon arrival observed employee handling food without hair being restrained.  Daylight seen coming from back door.  

May 17

Name and location: , 1820 Mountain Industrial Boulevard 

Score: 89

Previous scores: 88 (11/22/2011), 94 (01/21/2011)

Violations cited: Cream cheese stored on counter top is not held at 41F or lower. No handwashing signage at hand sink.

May 21

Name and location:  Italian Restaurant, 4450 Hugh Howell Rd, Suite 18

Score: 90

Previous scores: 87 (11/23/11), 90 (08/16/2010)

Violations cited: No date marking in place for potentially hazardous and ready to eat food that is kept over 24 hours (lasagna, mushrooms filled with crab meat, noodles/pasta).   Milk and half and half past expiration date.  Chef not wearing hair net.

May 24

Name and location: , 4545 Hugh Howell Rd.

Score: 90

Previous scores: 91 (12/01/2011), 92 (04/19/2011)

Violations cited: No paper towels at both handwashing sinks.  Three bottles of expired milk stored in front bottom cooler. Equipment from onion ring machine stored in vegetable sink. 


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