Lunching Ladies Check Out Hushpuppies Seafood Grill

Jessica Durden Crocker and Kimberly Edge Frantz at Hushpuppies, Jan. 22, 2013. Credit: Crocker/Frantz
Jessica Durden Crocker and Kimberly Edge Frantz at Hushpuppies, Jan. 22, 2013. Credit: Crocker/Frantz
In a new Patch series, Jessica Durden Crocker and Kimberly Edge Frantz visit local restaurants and give us their opinions. This week they went to the new Hushpuppies Seafood Grill.

Okay, y’all. It happened. Hushpuppies Seafood Grill opened in Tucker Wednesday. So, these lunchin’ ladies wanted to be there, front and center, on day one. It’s always so exciting for a new restaurant to open in our community. And this one is no exception. 
The menu is a little condensed right now. They’re only open for lunch for the time being. The alcohol won’t be flowin’ for three to four more weeks. Bummer, I know. But, just be patient. Cocktails are on the horizon. 

The kid’s menu includes items such as mini-burgers, chicken fingers, fries, etc. – your standard kid fare. 
What we ordered: We’re not ashamed to say that we ordered lots of things: two items that we picked ourselves and one that was our server’s pick: 
Fried Oysters Basket with Cole Slaw $12.00 
Fried Shrimp PoBoy with Cheese Grits $7.50 
Grilled Mahi Sandwich with Classic Hushpuppies (our server’s pick) $11.50 
And, everything was delicious! The oysters were large and perfectly cooked, although Kim wasn’t a huge fan of the “guts.” Some people would argue that’s the best part, though. They were still super yummy, guts and all! 
When we tell you that the cheese grits are awesome, we do not exaggerate. Good grits can be hard to find. Not here. And, if you’re like one of us and you prefer to not have cheese cluttering up your grits, you can get them cheese-free. 
The grilled Mahi sandwich rocked Seriously good stuff here It comes with the same Chipotle mayo that you may remember from ordering fish tacos at the previous tenant, Sangria’s. 
The Fried Shrimp PoBoy was pretty darned good and it was perfectly seasoned, lightly fried, again with the Chipotle mayo. 
As is common when lunching in Tucker, you’ll run into a friend. And, we did. She ordered the raw oysters and said they were fantastic! Oh, and if you appreciate good cocktail sauce, you’re in the right place. 
Oddly, the only item that we really didn’t care for were the actual hushpuppies. Ironic, right? We imagine that opinions vary on the topic so we’ll just say that, if you like sweet cornbread, then you’ll dig the hushpuppies here. Other than that, the only negative we could find was the lack of music. Most people may not even notice something like that, though. 
All in all? Try it out.. We’ll be back. TWO forks up!

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Sara Foster January 24, 2014 at 12:00 PM
I'm really excited this place has opened, although I truly miss Sangria's. But SWEET hushpuppies???? I never heard of such. I was born and raised in the south and I've eaten plenty of hushpuppies, but I don't recall ever having any that were sweet. Yuck.
Missy February 08, 2014 at 12:06 PM
A little off topic, but I saw Sara's comment and just had to say something. I truly LOVE the real Southern hushpuppies something fierce, the food that is, haven't been to the new restaurant or tried their "hushpuppies", but I have been to The Optimist (restaurant) and they have a menu item, the only thing that's been on their menu since their opening, they're so popular, and it's their Hushpuppies (light, sweet, and fluffy) they serve them dusted with powdered sugar and served with a side of warm brown sugar butter. They look like mini beignets. Our friend that works there had ordered them for us, now when I saw them I was like "no way", but he talked me into trying them with a few dashes of their home-made hot sauce and I will tell you they were "out of this world"!! So, I'm just saying, maybe don't knock it until you've tried it! LOL! You never know! :-) I still wake up craving them, and cannot wait to go back, I may have to go to Hushpuppies and see if theirs can be a nice substitute! ;-)


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