Christmas: The Simple Things

When the hearts at work are a reflection of the hearts of its employees, something special happens.

I wouldn’t know how to begin describing WOW and its creative studio, Mister Migs. I get stuck in the quicksand of my own words and thoughts, and the more I struggle, the deeper I sink.

Try to illustrate colors to a blind person. Describe not only red, blue, green, yellow — pull in mauve, taupe, sapphire, umber, ochre, fuchsia, and hundreds of other dazzling colors. I get lost in the pallet when I attempt to describe WOW.

I could tell you that WOW/Mister Migs is the cleanest, most organized, most cutting edge, most people centered facility I’ve ever seen, but I would have failed in describing even one of its colors. It’s a think-dance-dream-work-laugh-inspire-sing-learn-share-create-goal setting-do it kind of place for adults with disabilities. It’s a place where successes are celebrated with the unlimited excitement of birthdays and failures are stepping stones in the garden of success. It’s a place where clients are real people, where clients are valued, where the staff members are visionaries. WOW should hang a sign on the wall: We hire visionaries: We dream big: We have given nothing until we’ve given our hearts.

Look at the photo I’ve displayed. The tree is a gift from my friend Karen Lynn Littrell, Founder and President of WOW In-Sync and Mister Migs. But the gift isn’t from WOW. It’s not from Mister Migs. It’s from my friend. I'm showing you this so you might catch a glimpse of her spirit. She and her mother Donna Littrell make these unique themed Christmas trees for people special to them. They don’t go to the mall and buy something made by in China. They create. They personalize. Their hands touch the gifts they give. They spend hours planning and creating with love.

If the blind man could touch her trees, feel the ribbons, caress the linen, hear the words written, he might understand the kaleidoscope of colors of the people who make up WOW In-Sync. I know a few of them, but not all: Karen Lynn, Robbie Harris, Tim Harris, Will Goble, and Debra Koch.

I wish Christmas would once again be cloaked in simplicity. Wouldn’t it be exciting to have a homemade Christmas one year? The making of the gift reveals a great deal about not only the recipient, but also the giver. The giver of my gift wrapped it with the shimmer of a dear lasting friendship. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all businesses built on the spirit of Christmas throughout the year as WOW In-Sync does. I need to do my own part to return to a simple Christmas. And I need to remember that my failures are stepping stones to successes.

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