Did You See Arnold Schwarzenegger Around Tucker?

If you saw Ah-nuld in town filming a new movie, send your photos to Patch!

Arnold Schwarzenegger is in Tucker this week to film scenes for a new movie called "Breacher," as recently reported on Tucker Patch.

"Breacher" is about rogue DEA agents who rob a drug cartel's safe house and then find themselves being picked off one by one because of that robbery. It is sometimes also referred to as "Ten," like on the project's IMDb page, because it's inspired by "Ten Little Indians" by Agatha Christie.

Brockett Walk, near Lawrenceville Highway, will play host to the "Breacher" production crew today and tomorrow. Area residents have been alerted and the production is on a closed set.

But if you live in the area and just so happen to get a glimpse of the (former) Governator, or anyone else involved in "Breacher," or even just the general atmosphere--why not share it with Tucker Patch? Submit your photos here!


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