Tucker 2014 Encourages Ongoing Neighborhood Dialogue

Citizens host community meeting Dec. 2 on proposed Tucker cityhood.

A statement from Tucker 2014
With interest in cityhood surging among Tucker citizens, a series of community meetings focused on the proposed City of Tucker will continue on Monday, Dec. 2 at Northeast Baptist Church, 4046 Chamblee-Tucker Road at 7 p.m.

“It’s exciting to see what is happening across the Tucker community as more and more people educate themselves and talk with their neighbors,” said Tucker 2014 President Sonja Szubski. “The proposed City of Tucker has all the key ingredients for city viability including a thriving Main Street, a diverse tax base, locally-nurtured parks, and successful economic development and revitalization efforts.”

The community meeting will be an opportunity for area residents to hear directly from citizens of neighborhoods across Tucker who looked at the changes happening around the community, and came together to carefully consider reasonable options that resulted in a state-mandated Feasibility Study for the proposed City of Tucker. The study will be complete by mid-December.

“The fact is that Tucker has proven its sustainability for more than 120 years,” said Szubski. “The Feasibility Study findings will simply offer citizens an additional data point in support of Tucker’s viability in maintaining local control of our own destiny.”

The realization that significant and long-standing Tucker assets such as Henderson Park, Northlake and close-knit neighborhoods are included in other cityhood maps has also energized local citizens who value Tucker’s small town feel in a major metropolitan area.

“We hear from people every day that seeing the maps of the proposed cities that would forever alter Tucker neighborhoods is eye-opening,” said Szubski. “People get very passionate when they realize the place they call home will be intentionally carved up under those plans.”

Tucker 2014 leaders are confident the State Legislature will be receptive in granting Tucker citizens the right to vote to preserve a well-established community. “The majority of state legislators themselves come from small towns across Georgia,” Szubski said. “They understand the value of a place that draws generations of families back home to raise their kids in the same stable environment they thrived in while growing up.”

The Community Meeting will feature an overview of the proposed cityhood initiative, followed by community dialogue in a question and answer format.

More information here about the meeting and the proposed City of Tucker.

Tucker 2014 is a true grassroots effort founded by Tucker neighbors who believe in preserving the Tucker community. Citizens from neighborhoods all across Tucker looked at the changes happening around our community, and came together to carefully consider reasonable options. After months of analysis, discussion, and soul-searching, Tucker 2014 was created to support the path toward cityhood for Tucker.


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