The Mad Breader Strikes Again

Someone is leaving bread all over the place, and it's becoming a problem.

Brock-n-Roll. Here is a roll on the side of Brockett Road; one of many, we're told.
Brock-n-Roll. Here is a roll on the side of Brockett Road; one of many, we're told.

From a Tucker Patch reader who lives on Brockett Road

Every week there is a “Mad Breader” on Brockett Road. This person leaves a trail of fresh rolls and French bread approximately 10-12 feet apart all the way from Brockett Elementary to just before 78. This has been going on for over a year. It seems to occur on Tuesday nights after 9:30, but sometimes they like to change the routine.

You might think, “Well that’s nice. Someone’s leaving food out for nature’s nocturnal creatures. Where’s the harm in that?” Let me tell you why it makes my life a living hell every week:

Malamute Monopoly. I walk three giant Alaskan Malamutes twice daily down Brockett Road. Despite the fact that they are plump and well fed, they see bread and become scavengers, quickly binding me in a snarling spaghetti mess with their leashes. In fact, just this morning I was pulled into ONCOMING TRAFFIC on Brockett Road because they saw a roll three feet from the sidewalk in the street.

I suppose if the rolls contained some kind of poison I would have seen the effects by now, but it doesn’t matter. We flirt with death every week when this bread-head is involved.

Wandering Autistic child. I have an Autistic son that is prone to elopement (and very addicted to fresh bread!). I of course have extra locks and alarms on my doors and windows like most parents of children with Autism… but he is very smart when it comes to escaping. He sees free bread on the street and thinks it’s trick-or-treat time.

Coyote attraction. I know you’ve been publishing some great tips and stories about the increased coyote activity in this exact area in Tucker. I can’t help but assume that a long trail of free food contributes to this problem.

I don’t know how I can report this or to whom in effort to make it stop. I go out and pick it up in trash bags and it’s back again the following week. Do I have to sit on my lawn every Tuesday night after 10 p.m. with a camera? I don’t know what else to do; it’s gone on too long and it must stop.

Could you either post this or look into it somehow? It would mean the world to my son, my Malamutes, and me!

Has anyone in the area see this? Tell us in the comments!

Warmest Regards,

She Who Would Like to See Brockett Road Carb-Free...


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