Healthy and Tasty Eating

You don't have to stick to salads to eat healthy this summer!

You spend your mornings packing lunches for your kids before they leave for camp. You know you will be hitting the pool with them before dinner, and you aren't sure you feel quite ready to put on that bathing suit. You open your fridge for lunch, but you can't stomach the idea of another sandwich. Now is the time to call a friend, and head out for lunch.

Brookhaven is definitely growing in the restaurant arena, and the options you have at your fingertips are endless. A taqueria, Italian, Mexican, Pizza, it all sounds good but when you just want a healthy meal quickly there is a hidden gem that fits this bill.

Brookhaven Bistro, off Peachtree behind Nuts 'N Berries, offers a unique but healthy twist on comfort foods, such as salmon quesadillas (a customer favorite!), turkey burritos or chicken salad sandwiches. All the food is made fresh daily, for breakfast or lunch, and they even offer pre-made snacks and sandwiches if you are on the go.

With this healthy choice at your doorstep you no longer have to feel guilty for enjoying a meal out with friends, and your thighs will thank you later!


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