Happy New Year from Tucker Historical Society

THS wraps up the year.

There will not be a January meeting, but the annual membership and election for new board members is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 4, 2013 at Tucker Recreation Center.

Another reminder will go out with the room number and other details in the coming weeks and we hope to see everyone there.  

With 2012 coming to a close, we wish for you to have a safe, healthy and happy New Year! This year was full of celebrations for Tucker's 120th anniversary and thanks to everyone who helped make those events so special for the community. 

We are glad to announce that we have now confirmed one gardener for next year's garden tour. Elizabeth Barr will be a new gardener on the tour and we look forward to seeing her in the garden in May! Four more slots need to be filled, so if you know of a gardener that would be interested in participating in our tour, please let me, Kathy Powell, know the details.

Again, we wish you a very happy holiday!
Harry, Kathy, Trish and Vicki


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