Clea The Classic Beauty

"Mackerel," "Spotted," "Ticked" and "Patched" are names for markings on tabby cats. Homeless Clea is a "Classic."

Question: What's the most common type of cat that isn't really a breed of cat of all? 

Answer: The tabby cat. 

"Tabby" doesn't mean a certain breed or even a particular color of cat, but refers to distinctive feline coat markings. Tabbies can be orange, brown, ginger, grey or a combination of colors. Because most domestic cats carry the tabby gene, even some solid-colored cats display faint tabby markings that are visible if you look closely or study them in the sunlight.

When people think of tabbies, it's most often the cats with coats of stripes, swirls and dots, the eyes that look like they are wearing eyeliner and the distinctive "M" on their forehead.

Popular cat lore says that M is a blessing from the Virgin Mary. Others say it stands for "Mau," the ancient Egyptian word for "cat".

Clea, a homeless six-month-old tabby waiting for adoption at LifeLine Animal Project in Avondale Estates, is what is known as a "Classic" tabby. They are fairly rare and felines with the Classic markings are in demand with cat enthusiasts and tabby aficionados. The thick bold lines and swirls on her side form almost a bulls-eye pattern. Some say this is a look similar to a marble cake.

Even her name fits her rarified cat-status.

Clea's full name is "Cleopatra," a classic name for a classic beauty. She's very friendly and loves to be held. She enjoys the company of other cats. She's playful, full of life and since being rescued off the streets has everything she needs in place, except for one last piece of the puzzle. Clea needs a home.

Clea has had all of her vaccinations and has been microchipped. She's healthy and happy and ready to purr when she sees you every day.

If your life and home could be beautified by this gorgeous top of the line tabby, please contact mblair@LifeLineAnimal.org.


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