Brookhaven's Whiz Kid

A weekly feature highlighting the best of Brookhaven's Kids!

  • Samantha and Kelly Fisher, 8 
  • 3rd Grade, Ashford Park Elementary

While twins often share only a birthdate and similar looks, Sammy and Kelly Fisher share much more than that! These 8 year old red heads are both part of the Discovery (gifted) Program at Ashford Park, as well as award winning students.

Their strong sense of empathy and compassion not only come across in the way they listen, learn and respect people around them, but has earned them a spot on the front page of the Brookhaven Reporter highlighting a lemonade stand they created with their friends, raising $45 to help with a new playground for their school. 

Both girls have won a Flying Eagle Award, honoring straight A students, two years running, and they have also both won a Student of the Month award the past two years, along with Student of the Week at Camp Wieuca. Kelly and Sammy also participated in Ashford Park's internal Geography Bee, broadening their knowledge of the World.

These gifted artists are also athletes, and just finished a course in karate. And while they may have the same set of friends they most definitely have their own personalities, with their parents nicknaming one 'Social Sammy' and the other 'Independent Kelly'.

'They are model students, athletes, friends and mentors. They bring me such joy,"said their mom, Gale Fisher. "I am often in disbelief of their awesomeness!" 

We think all of Brookhaven can give double the praise for these local Whiz Kids!


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