Adoptable Pets: Meet Bandit and Cacey

DeKalb County Animal Services provides humane care to homeless animals, pet adoption services and enforcement of animal control laws.


By Yvonne Samuels

Bandit (A22156549): We named him Bandit because he will steal your heart!!  Bandit is a 4 month old Labrador Retriever mixed breed pup.  We estimate Bandit is going to be quite large as an adult; based on his current size and age.  Right now he is just a pup and has all the energy and playfulness that goes along with that age.  He is happy and friendly and gets along with other dogs.  Labradors are great family dogs and Bandit shows all the signs of being one great pet.  Bandit is very sweet.  If you have an active lifestyle and would like a pup that is going to be a wonderful companion come see Bandit and let him steal your heart.

Cacey (A22017748) is a 7 month old medium sized mixed breed pup.  We think she is a Weimaraner mixed with something else that makes her a little smaller.  Smaller or larger it doesn't matter she is one great pup.  Cacey is playful and friendly as they come.  She is a great age; fun and full of energy and curiosity, but old enough to start training so she can be the best dog she can be.  Her sweet personality will surely win you over.  Cacey would like to have a family of her own.  The family can be one person or more; Cacey doesn't care just as long as someone gives her a loving, safe home.

DeKalb County Animal Services
845 Camp Rd 
Decatur, GA 30032

Dogs: $95 
Cat: $75 
Dogs and cat over 5 years old: $40 
Adoption of dog or cat to a person over 55 years old: $40

Adopted animals receive complete vaccinations and are spayed and neutered. Dogs receive heartworm testing. Cats receive FIV/FeLV testing.


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